Roses that bloom all year round

Dear friends,
I would love to share a little story with you. Christmas 2002 I had just finished my 3 month term of chemo which was quite severe. I had no idea whether or not it was successful to the point where I would require no further treatment.

I can remember staring out the window thinking. I looked around the garden and spotted the minature rose bushes that I had planted about 2 years previous. In my despair I asked Our Lady to send me a rose from one of them if everything was going to be ok.

Sure enough over the next days I watched 3 buds develop of which two died and one went on to open into a beautiful pure white little rose. Needless to say I left it there and eventually cut it dried and pressed it as a reminder. Later on in January I received news that the tumor had dissolved completely from the 8cm x 7cm that it originally was.

The miracle, however, seems to have continued. The minature rose since that time has always been in flower through the winter storms and the clod and even the snow. I am looking out on it now and there are three beautiful white roses on it now. We have had a white Christmas and all here but nothing has effected them. Not as many blooms as during the summer but blooms none the less.

Only recently I remembered that when I planted them in 2001, I planted 2 white ones in honour of Our Lady’s Purity and two red ones in honour of Our Lords Passion. I sprinkled them all with Holy Water so that each time I would gaze on them I would be reminded of the Purity of Mary and the Passion of Our Lord.

Looks like Our Blessed Mother has through her all powerful and never failing intercession has obtained immense graces.

You are blessed indeed. We had miniature Roses at our old house. They too bloomed all year long. As you say, in snow and Ice it is so wonderful to look out and see “Our Lady’s” Roses blooming.

Our story was very similar…We had lost a child in our Family tragically. The Rose’s were planted in memory of our Little angel. We took it as a sign she is blooming in “Heaven” and happy. She loved our Lady and St Theresa. :heart:

Dear Fergal

I am going to keep you in my prayers for continued health and happiness. I have tried to keep minature roses outside with no success whatsoever, they have all died and I have very green fingers! For yours to bloom all year round is a miracle. I have prayed to St Therese regularly, privately and infront of the Blessed Sacrament as there is a St Therese picture near to the Blessed Sacrament in my church. I also, like yourself have a deep devotion to our Lady and have smelt roses or flowers previously.

Your roses are special and meant just for you Fergal, a beautiful consolation. In my opinion anyone who suffers and battles with cancer is a Saint.

God bless you and much love and peace to you


Dear Marie

I am so very sorry for the loss in your family. I cannot imagine for one moment how heart-breaking the loss of an innocent is. To lose a child and bear that suffering is also after the heart of Mary who lost her Son.

Your roses are a beautiful consolation and comfort just for you Marie

In my prayers

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


Hi Fergal,

Thank you so much for posting this beautiful post about your roses! It brought tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful. It makes total sense to me why this would happen to you with your roses and the Blessed Mother, because you are so giving of the Brown Scapular. Let me thank you here again for being so kind by sending me my Brown Scapular from Ireland, my ancestral home.

May many more blessings come to you, Fergal!

Geraldine T.

God Bless you Fergal and much love and peace to you


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