I am currently woking on a project for a class on the rosicrucians(church of illumination). I am a Catholic and recognize the danger in the rosicrucian beliefs(occult practices). The problem is that my two group members in the project are thinking about actually joining them. I want to somehow help them and show them this danger, but am not sure how to do it. They are at the moment Lutherans, though not really practicing. It is my job in the group to research the ethical issues surrounding the rosicrucians so hopefully I can make a good statement there. I will keep praying and I also ask for all of your prayers and advice. Thanks and God bless,


I rarely make this assertion about another group; however, I have very strong negative feelings about the rosicrucians and believe their practices are not rooted in good. In fact they remind me of Scientologists.

What might be a good exercise to introduce you Lutheran friends to is Lectio Divina. Check out this site, With this they will have a better encouter with the living word of God, sacred scripture, versus some half-baked journey into self-discovered wisdom.


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