Rosie Attacks US Troops

Did you guys hear that Rosie actually attacked US troops on The View yesterday? I stopped watching the show, but several shows like Hannity & Scarbourough (sp?) covered the atrocity. She compared them to terrorists & said they had killed over 600,000 Iraquis.

Of course, that number is grossly incorrect, & Iraquis & other REAL terrorists are responsible for the majority of deaths in Iraq.

Clearly, she can get away with bigotry against Catholics, but this? Virulent lies like this put our troops at further risk. Soldiers that already put themselves at added risk to avoid civilian injuries whenever possible.

Does anyone know how you find out who the sponsors are for a show? I have written e-mails to several ABC sites & my local affiliate, but I feel like that does nothing. Please contact ABC & let us know if you know about The View’s sponsors!

Let’s hope she has finally gone too far!

Rosie’s off The View at the end of the season, isn’t she?

Write the sponsors and let them know how glad you are! We lived through “Tokyo Rose”–now it’s Iraqi Rosie!

Just when I thought I’d heard it all.

I saw the interview…she wasn’t just calling the soldiers terrorists. She was saying that Americans are terrorists. Why does she even stay in this country? :shrug:

Why do so many people get upset with what that irrelevant, obnoxious blowhard has to say? Shouldn’t we be ignoring her?

Me and my son.

God Bless the USA

He has beautiful blue eyes, KTC! You look like the proud mom to be sure! :smiley:

I will be so glad when Rosie is off that show - she has totally ruined what used to be an enjoyable show, way back in the earlier seasons. Now it’s become Rosie’s gay-fest - I can’t change the channel fast enough when she’s on.


Why that’s every bit as outrageous as comparing something Rosie O’Donnell says to an atrocity!

– Mark L. Chance.

I wish we could just ignore her.

As Catholic and Protestant Christians, we live in a very sheltered kingdom. We live amidst righteousness and goodness. Of course there’s sin, but those of us who are truly in Christ are trying to fight sin in ourselves and live in the Truth of Jesus.

But many other people in the U.S. don’t live with us. They live “in the world,” and they hear someone like Rosie and accept what she says as truth. After all, Rosie has done so many charitable things, hasn’t she? She must be a “good person,” and that means that she speaks the truth.

We can’t just “ignore” movies, television shows, music, novels, art, “stars,” sports figures, etc. because everyone else DOESN’T just ignore it. They take it seriously. Look at all the people who believed and STILL believe Da Vinci Code.

We can only hope that since Rosie has demonstrated some personal instability in the past few years, that many non-Christian people will NOT take her comments seriously. But that’s just a hope on my part. I’m betting that a lot of people DO take it seriously, just like a lot of people take it seriously that President Bush is nothing but a big dumb cowboy who plays with little horsies in the Oval Office and doesn’t know how to read.

I do ignore her. I have so many interesting things to do that I don’t waste my time on shows like that. Who cares what any of them think?

Hi, mlchance, I guess I can go a little overboard when it comes to Rosie. I used to love her, but lately I can’t believe some of her comments.

I do agree with Cat, though, that we shouldn’t just laugh it off & ignore her. Lots of people take her very seriously & believe everything she says.

I’m also a veteran, & I find this so offensive & even dangerous. I know people who are still serving. People around the world & even terrorists can see this “famous American” make these statements & then hear all the other Americans applaud. It does embolden our enemies, increase our troops’ risk & worsen our image abroad (like that needs any worsening).

Wow, KCT, thanks for posting that picture. What a handsome guy! You must be very proud of him. We can really never thank him & your whole family enough for your sacrifices during war, but we can try…

Please check out There is a story on The View and how we as Catholics are going to fight it. Don’t forget we will win in the end!!!

Actually I do. Because there are so many very vunlerable people listening to their garbage, and when some people hear something on tv, they believe it. Yes - sad as that is, it is the truth. So we must all be concerned when someone in a position of influence sells their homosexual agenda as being normal and acceptable and mainstream, and the rest of the world is wrong. We need to be very concerned about that. Because if we ignore it, then the next time you turn around you will be facing same sex “marriage” everywhere and wondering how everyone in the country came to accept it as “normal”.

Fight the good fight. Always!


I think Rosie O’Donnell is an evil woman.

I think that Rosie O’Donnell is a good example of WHY we need to encourage our children to do arts careers if they have the inclination and talent.

NONE of us will ever be able to reach out to Rosie other than through prayer. (John Paul II, pray for her!) Our priests won’t be able to reach her. Our missionaries won’t be able to reach her.

We are not actors, writers, producers, directors–the kind of people that Rosie hangs around.

The best people to reach out to artists are other artists.

If only, if ONLY a Christian actor, writer, director, producer, etc. could have the opportunity to become friends with Rosie, work with her, socialize with her, earn her trust, and show her through words and deeds, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can only pray that this will happen.

My favorite actor has stated in several interviews that he is very interested in religion and the Bible, and that he has considered converting to Catholicism. He stated that he attends a Bible study (when he’s home) at his local Harley-Davidson shop. The HD store owner leads the Bible study, and my favorite actor calls him 'a real righteous dude."

IMO, this HD guy is doing a wondrous work, because he has worked from right where he is and managed to reach out to a man that probably doesn’t hear a whole lot of Bible teaching on a movie set.

At any rate, we need more Christians in the arts to be salt and light for other artists. How will they hear unless someone tells them? And how will someone tell them unless they are sent?

I agree that Rosie is a bigot when it comes to Catholics and that she is incorrect in her estimates of how many civilians have been killed. I have read that there have been over 100,000 civilians killed according to the medical journal, The Lancet. I also believe that we should support the troops. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a right or even an obligation to speak out when people representing our country commit atrocities against civilians, which we know has happened. I am not disagreeing however that the enemy has caused more collateral damage. I do disagree with the many Americans who refuse to examine the moral actions of our soldiers.


That was an absolutely despicable comment. Isn’t Joy Behar a Catholic? These women are always trying to act as though they are so tolerant and anti-prejudice. Its amazing more people don’t call them out on their hypocrisy. I think as Catholics we need to pray the rosary for their souls. The younger woman on that show is not as bad as the other three though.

You are right, of course. I guess I did not say what I meant. So as not to offend anyone, I did not say that I can’t believe people watch that kind of trash. Don’t they have anything more productive to do? I call it trash TV and I wonder about people who believe what they hear there. And more freightening, these people vote.

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