Rosie vs. Elizabeth- the view

I can’t believe no one has commented on this yet. Keep in mind there are two parts. the video below was spliced together to include both parts. Joy as a stupid intro at first and then the fight begins…
comments? It was good to see Elizabeth Defending herself:

I have never heard anyone break down Rosie like Fr. Thomas Loya did this morning on Relevant Radio.

Fr. Loya was on Morning Air like he is every Thursday from 7-8AM central time. He applied the fighting between Rosie and Elizabeth H. to the Theology of the Body. It was by far the best analysis of Rosie O’Donnell I have ever heard. You can listen to today’s show on the audio archives at…

It should be posted tomorrow. Fr. Loya also has his own website at

One more point – Isn’t it interesting how “The View” has a liberal heavyweight Rosie O’Donnell always attacking the more conservative lightweight Elizabeth Hasselbeck on their show. It shows ABC is very slanted to the liberal view.

Wouldn’t it be better if ABC had conservative heavyweights like Michelle Malkin or Ann Coulter on the show instead of Elizabeth Hasselbeck to even the sides up and get a true debate?

I thought Rosie was leaving. Maybe this will speed up her departure.

I saw the video. I am waiting for Rosie to get violent. She seems awfully close. Of course, Rosie will not be punished. :mad:

Rosie O’Donnel is a very, very unhappy angry person. She needs to get a grip.

For those of us not blessed with the opportunity to listen to broadcasts at work, do you have a nutshell recap of what he said?

The general population thinks that Rosie is a kook. Elizabeth can never really support her opinions that well. I think it’s a draw when it comes to those two. I wouldn’t worry about this latest bro-ha-ha.

I used to be angry at Rosie. Now I just feel sorry for her. IMO she is consumed with Jealousy of Elizabeth as Eliazabeth is everything Rosie wishes she was but knows she can never be.Note that Rosie is always commenting on Elizabeth’s pregnancy-the though of a woman actually bearing her own child must drive Rosie nuts.

The coverage of this on Fox News really irritated me. The argument was called hysterical and called a Cat fight. Excuse me when O’Reilly or Hannity get in a loud debate it isn’t depicted as being hysterical or a cat fight.

When you take into consideration that the larger Rosie seems to intimidate the smaller Elizabeth, that the audience is solidly on Rosie’s side and cheer for all her wacky comments and that the other hosts seem to be for Rosie, then Elizabeth was pretty nervy to stand up for what she believed in.

You go, Elizabeth.:thumbsup:

totally agree with OP and deb. (and others):slight_smile:

I am not seeing the news worthiness of this though. I could care less what Rosie thinks…why does the media make her out to be a political analyst? :rolleyes:

Elizabeth really held her own on that one.

And by the way, what is up with that audience? You could yell “Fish for Sale” and they’d cheer! :wink:

:rolleyes: Heard about it on the news this morning and could care less and don’t even know wo this Elziabeth Hasselbeck is,since i am not a regular viewer.By the way,talked to my sister who works for Court Tv.Rumor has it Nancy Grace maybe
Taking over Rosie’s spot on the view.Also Grace didn’t renew her contract with Court Tv because she wants to concentrate on her CNN show,plus they wanted to cut her two hour show,to just an hour,because they are giving Star Jones a show,and Nancy said no way were they cutting her show.My sister said the two do,not get along at all.

Probably because she is more in tune with their liberal agenda.

ha–i hadn’t thought of that.:blush:

Why would anyone want to even watch The View? I never saw the point…

I agree. It is a worthless show but it is hard to escape when all the news constantly carry little bits from the show.

Here’s a shortcut to the Relevant Radio Audio Archives. You can listen to Fr. Thomas Loya’s remarkable analysis of Rosie O’Donnell using “The Theology of the Body”.

Click on “Morning Air Audio Archives”, then go to Thursday, May 24th, 2007. I believe Fr. Loya was on the 2nd hour of the show.

The Audio Archives should be posted sometime on Friday.

Here’s the link…

I can certainly see why a woman who is pregnant and 1/3 of O’Donnell’s size might wish to avoid conflict with the very large fire breathing butch lesbian. Don’t watch the show, from what I saw on TV Elizabath Hasselbeck did a fine job defending herself. Like most homosexuals O’Donnell is probably suffering from depression and other mental health issues, which is fuel for the unneccessary, and frankly stupid, anger. What it really seems like is O’Donnell called American soldiers terrorists, and is unhappy that the rest of the show’s hosts didn’t help her back slide when she realized that, as divided on the war as the country is, the vast majority of people do not think American soldiers are terrorists. If O’ Donnell wishes to avoid these problems she ought to sit back, have another twinkie, and consider the implications of her comments before she makes them.

Awww, too bad Rosie’s leaving The View. I actually wish they’d all leave so the show can go off the air. I have no respect for Barbara Walters anymore either.

Anyway, once Rosie leaves, we won’t be able to see her sweet smiling face so much anymore. Lucky us, here on these forums, we have her picture…:whacky:


I agree!

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