Rosie vs. Elizabeth- the view

Yeah, I don’t a;ways agree with Elizabeth, but it was good to see her stand up for herself…I don’t always agree with Rosie either for calrification:D

I don’t watch the show enough to know much about Elizabeth. I just know that she’s the only one who qualifies as a conservative.

BTW, did you hear that Rosie quit?

yeah I just saw…,2933,275552,00.html

One of the more interesting notes:

According to a New York Post report, O’Donnell’s chief writer, Janette Barber, was allegedly led out of the building on Wednesday after she was caught drawing mustaches on photographs of Hasselbeck in “The View” studios.

I think she may have been forced to “quit”. :hypno:

:rotfl: Its hard to watch, rosie is so gross! :dancing:
Rosie called herself a big fat lesbian

That was painful to watch! Rosie is a jerk and doesn’t let anyone give their point of view. No pun intended. But they have three Liberals and one moderate conservative! So how is that a balanced view???

If anything, she does more to hurt her cause, let her speak. She commented on Church and State and 5 of the Supreme Court Justices being Catholic. Must they all be Atheists to interpret the Consitution? The Writers of the Constitution Were Christians! Doesn’t she know that?

I’ve come across people like Rosie before. They ‘tell it like it is’ and can dish it out, that is until someone stands up to them. Then they get hurt, or offended.

Sadly, I think this is what Rosie thinks of herself. Maybe that is her problem, self hate.

We should pray for her.

Rosie quit or was fired. Yes, there is justice. I was in doctor’s office forced to listen to the “male nanny” debate, which included the requisite slam against Catholic priests (it is evidently a rule on that show that the gals are not allowed to go more than 10 minutes without an anti-Catholic remark). The sooner that entire self-indulgent, woman-mocking show goes off the air the better that network will look to me.

I can’t watch that show. Its so, vapid.

I totally agree. Of course I am still trying to figure out what media outlet has ever called Rosie “big fat lesbian Rosie” unless it was Rush Limbaugh (come on, if he did say it, that was only after she said it;)) or Donald Trump and for goodness sakes why should it matter what he says?

I agree with this too. I have never been able to watch that show. When I first heard about it and that Barbara Walters was on it I just had this feeling that it would be awful.

Like others though, I have been “forced” to watch it because I was in the break room at the same time as someone else when it was on and they were watching it.

Brenda V.

Barbara Walters started this program, and I think she should be embarrassed by it. I don’t watch this program, but have seen several clips in recent months because of Rosie’s behavior. I am glad to see that Elizabeth did stand up for herself. Now perhaps they can get rid of Joy Behar - easily as ridiculous a person as Rosie.

I have run into many people like this in my life and yes it is so true. They scream yell and shout you down, hurt your feelings, calling you names UNTIL the day you stand your ground and all of a sudden they claim that YOU are the offensive and rude one:whacky:

If you want to really get an idea of what goes on in Rosie’s brain, watch one of her videos, but turn the sound off. Her face is filled with judgement, hate, and she looks completely supercilious. What a sad person!

They tell it like it is to them, not to the rest of the world.

It seems to me in the last few years as the real Rosie has emerged (as opposed to the jolly, comedienne Rosie the public first met), she has grown into an increasingly antagonistic, petty and caustic individual who telegraphs a painful unhappiness and insecurity with herself and her life. Ironically, the more open, honest and “real” she has become, the uglier and more aggressive her persona has become. No one I know who is mature, responsible and comfortable with their life and choices is anywhere near this vicious in their personal or professional interactions. I find it all quite sad.

As far as replacing a lightweight like EH with an Anne Coulter–I hardly see how the conservative flip side of Rosie–a mean-spirited, spiteful and catty Ms. Coulter improves anything. Perhaps someone with more balance in her life and less vitriol would be healthier for everyone–audience and co-hosts alike–even if not as good at pulling in ratings. Yet another reason I avoid daytime TV like the plague!

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