Hi all,

I was wondering if I could ask for some quick prayers for Rosie, a little shingleback lizard.

I know she’s not a person and I only bought her the other day (no animal under my care would ever get in such poor condition), but she’s already one of the family and we love her very dearly.

Rosie is currently battling respiratory infection, or RI, which can be fatal. This is compounded by the fact she’s very underweight- her spine is sticking up from her back!! She’s such a beautiful, harmless little creature that likes to lie on your lap and eat bananna. Please do say a quick prayer for her to recover, she really does mean a lot. I’ve taken her to the vet, she’s on an antibiotic treatment. Oh and I’m calling up the man who sold her to me to discuss this with him, so prayers for this issue to be amicably resolved with him would also be appreciated.

Thankyou so much, it means a lot.


St. Francis of Assisi, patron of animals, intercede in this little creature’s healing.

Lord, may Amanda put this illness in your hands and be surrendered to your merciful love with total confidence in your merciful love. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer. Amen.

Saying prayer to St Francis who loved all of God’s creatures…

As an animal lover, I’d certainly pray to St. Francis of Assisi. There’s NO such thing as “just a lizard” :slight_smile:

I will pray for her…would you pray for our Chase (dog) who passed away a week ago tomorrow?

Rosie (and Chase) are part of the Creation, Dear St. Blase, please bless and protect them.

My dog is also named Rosie :slight_smile: I will say a little prayer for your Rosie tonight, that Our Lord will relieve her of her suffering.

(Maybe it would make a bigger difference if we pray the rosary for her… that’s where we got my ‘Rosie’ from after all. God just wants us to be happy, ask Him to help you through Rosie)

Thank you SO much guys, I’m grateful more than I can put into words!!

Rosie has sparked up a bit since I’ve put this request in, I’m sure everyone’s prayers have had more than something to do with that. She’d gotten a bit of an appetite which has increased daily since she’s been here. My only concern in that regard is that her faeces is very dry and she’s not drinking much. Tomorrow she returns to the vet (fortunately we live near a really good reptile specialist) for her next round of medications- they may give her a fluid injection too. Hopefully that’ll help the dehydration.

ljubim, I think saying the rosary for her is a good idea- I’ll do that.

heathernoel, I’ll be more than happy to pray for Chase as well.

Some great news.

Rosie has finished her course of antibiotics- the vet was really surprised at how quickly she sparked up. It was a very quick turn around. She’s eating now and has become inquisitive rather than just lying there by walking around and flicking her tongue out at things. She’s put on over 100 g in a week (a LOT for an animal her size), and the vet said she thinks she’s going to be fine. She also said “you probably saved her life”. I know I had a little bit of help in that department. :wink:

From me and Rosie, thanks to everyone for their prayers.

Fantastic news! I am so thrilled to see little Rosie’s doing much better!

On behalf of our entire family, thanks for the prayers for our Chase (when I needed to call him by his full name, he was Chasetopher :slight_smile: ) We miss that mutt so much!

Peace Be With You (and Rosie too!)

That’s wonderful!
What a sweet little lizard:p

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