Rossville bans abortion clinics, pill mills


Council members in Rossville unanimously passed two ordinances Monday night – one to forbid abortion clinics within Rossville city limits, and one to help keep “pill mills” out of the city.

In a work meeting before they would sign the ordinances, council members asked Rossville Mayor Teddy Harris what had prompted these two ordinances to come up. He said a town resident had come to him asking if the methadone clinic in the city was legal. That clinic is, but Harris said the question got him thinking about other businesses they might wish to keep outside of Rossville.

He said they wish to keep abortion clinics out because they could bring “drama” to the city.


Praise the Lord.




But how will they know whether a pain center is really a “pill mill” beforehand? :confused:


:clapping::dancing::extrahappy::popcorn: - I love Abyssinia’s threads … often such good news (particularly regarding abortion clinic bans and closings).

:whistle:*** “It’s getting better* all the ti-i-ime!”**


Ooh gosh, probably going to be a lawsuit freakout next…




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