Rotary Club Final Answer Please!


First; I have searched the forum and not found a discussion that settles this question in any way.

I have recently been researching information about Rotary Club. I have been invited to join in the past and I have declined primarily because I saw it simply as an organization that takes away time, money and energy from the Church. Simple math says if I have $100 to give and I give $75 to rotary, I cannot give $100 to the Church. I’d rather give $100 to the Church! {Firstfruits, best Lamb from the flock, that sort of thing}. Also, and actually most importantly in a sense, Rotary is a secular organization doing things the Church already does yet Rotary does it in the name of Rotary and the Church does her good works in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We act as the snake at Mary’s heel slowing the spread of the Gospel if we do good in other’s names than the Lord’s.

But I have in my research found two very disturbing things; 1} Rotary Club clearly supports work that goes against the teachings of the Church, specifically in supporting family planning initiatives all over the world which include provision of artificial contraceptives and abortion. Rotary Clubs support population control. 2} Many Catholics are members of Rotary Clubs and in so doing are drawn away from volunteer work and giving to the local Parish. We see this in our Parish and of course it is very troubling that Rotary is working AGAINST the teachings of the Church and…with Catholic support!

So my question is: What investigations have been done by the Church vis a vis Rotary and WHY does the Church not condemn Rotary in the same way if has condemned Freemasonry? {yes, I know Priests were once upon a time not allowed to join Rotary and also I know that Rotary is not technically a “secret” society tho it does bear many features of a “religion”.} But clearly Rotary promotes teachings that go against the Church.

So many Catholics are members of Rotary. It has become a very grim thought for me.

What do you say?


Service clubs or secular charities are not inherently sinful just because they are not connected with the Church. If such a group does support artificial contraception or abortion, that would be good information to make public for everyone to know. Catholics should, of course, not support such a group.


The Rotary club is an up- front, straightforward social club which does a lot of good locally and around the world. Features of a ‘religion’ have eluded me. That you disagree with some of their work is your business and reason maybe, for you to stick to your own church charities where you won’t risk being upset. Some Catholics see the good they do, enjoy and learn from the variety of members from all walks of life with whom they mix socially (and maybe wouldn’t have even met outside the club), and some even happen to disagree with the aforementioned church teaching.


Anyone else?


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