Rotary Club, Lion, etc.

Does anyone know if the Rotary Club, the Lion, or any other such community organizations are considered masonic? I would like to get involved with organizations and clubs in my coummunity but of course want to avoid anything related in any way to masonry.

No, Rotary, Lions, and service clubs like them hav nothing to do with Masonry, except that some of their members may coincidentally also be Masons.

If you are not a Mason, you would not be eligible to join any groups associated with Masonry, so don’t worry.

Many of the members of our Knights of Columbus are also members of the Lions, Elks, Rotary or Moose. The Rotary Club uses our KC hall for their meetings.

Last year I had my first and only anti-Catholic experience in our town. The Masons were selling bags of Vidalia onions as a fund raiser. I stopped and bought a bag and said to the man at the booth that the Knights were having a food both at our local summer fest in a couple of weeks and that he should stop by for a good Italian Beef sandwich. He said he could never support a Catholic organization. I was so shocked that I just turned and left, I wish I had asked for my money back but I didn’t.

The Muslim view is that the Lions and Rotary Clubs are indeed branches of Freemasonry operating under pseudonym.

Then that is one more thing Islam is wrong about. IMO.

Catholics should care about what Muslims think about the Lions and Rotary because…?

Only evil cloaks itself in secrecy in order to hide it’s hideous nature.

By and large, Muslims consider Freemasonry to be a great deal more dangerous threat to Islamic beliefs than Christianity.

It is entirely up to Christians or in this case Catholics to decide who their enemies are.

There is nothing secret about either of these organizations. I suppose Muslims consider the Knights of Columbus evil also. I will try not to let that enter into my consideration the next time we are asked to assist some Muslim person or family. By your statement above Islam must consider Al Quada, Hezbollah and Hamas evil since they keep their membership secret.

Firstly, why would the nature of an organization be a religious view?
The Rotary and Lions Clubs either are or are not masons, there is no religious view to be held?
Why would it be a Muslim view?

Also, how do the Rotary and Lions Clubs hide themselves in evil cloaks?

A very good discussion which explains the Muslim position on Freemasonry in general (and also some non-Muslim ones as well) can be read here:

I have absolutly no interest in the Muslim view of the Lions, Rotary or Freemasonry. I will stick with the Catholic Church’s view that the Lions and Rotary are fine and that Freemasonry is to be avoided. Notice that the Church has never said the members of the Masons are evil.

It is not acceptable for catholics to join Rotary international and lions club, for they are funding embryonic stem cell research which involves the destruction of embryos. They also give money to UNICEF which funds abortion clinics around the world. In Australia we have a national commercial on TV that gets played every day promoting Rotary. They even state that they are funding stem cell research but don’t tell you that this involves embryonic stem cell research too. They even have a catholic priest on the ad calling them the "salt of the earth " this really gets me angry every time for they are a organisation that supports unethical research as well as supporting organisations that fund abortion around the world. I don’t deny that they do some good but a truly evil organisation would do some good and hide their evil under a cloak of virtue. For if a organisation where 100% evil no one would join it, human reason would rebel against it, it is the ones that mix evil with good that we need to worried about!

Like the Spanish Inquisition as an example of evil in a good organization

Several organizations such as these were at least at one point considered crypto-Masonic or “white Masons”. They are certainly still entangled with the Freemasons. However, they have broken their more explicit ties. It is not considered an excommunicable offense to join these organizations anymore as it is to join the Freemasons.

If you want be a part of something like this, consider the Knights of Columbus.

Yes. The Rotary and Lions clubs receive special attention in the Hamas charter…

…their lackeys who are infiltrated through Zionist organizations under various names and shapes, such as Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, espionage groups and others, which are all nothing more than cells of subversion and saboteurs.

With their money they formed secret societies, such as **Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, the Lions **and others in different parts of the world for the purpose of sabotaging societies and achieving Zionist interests.

It relies greatly in its infiltration and espionage operations on the secret organizations it gave rise to, such as the Freemasons, The Rotary and Lions clubs, and other sabotage groups.

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i highly recommend the book ‘Why Catholics can not be Masons’ by TAN publishing inc. In the book i read that the new code of canon law still forbids catholics joining the Freemasons. It might be said that it does not mention Freemasons by name, that is because it was seeking a broader pronouncement against other organisations not just Freemasons. When Cardinal Ratzinger (Now Pope Benedict xvi) was the head of the CDF asked about the church standing when it can to Freemasons he said the church position had not change. This is not surprising considering that even though Freemasons don’t believe anymore in pagan gods or call Satan god as some of there original founders did, one of the church’s main criticism was that it promoted religious indifferent ism because of its position of allowing any person of any religious belief to join, so far as i can tell it still does so the Freemason have not change enough for catholics to join. As for brandon25 comment,i am not talking about people that may not live up to the church’s ideals, for we are all sinful, but i am talking about the organizations themselves. The church in no way in principal condones or funds the killing of innocent lives, but organizations that fund embryonic stem cell research do, there is a gulf of difference here. As for the Spanish Inquisition, as whole it was a good institution while it lasted, i question where you get your knowledge when it comes to the Spanish Inquisition, most historians out there are very anti catholic and continue to promote the Black myth of the Inquisition. A good book to counter this is Diane Moscar’s Seven Lies about Catholic History.

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