Rotation of Saturday Vigil Mass


The two Roman Catholic Churches here merged to make one parish. For the Saturday Vigil Mass, one church is used for six months. There is only one Saturday Vigil Mass. Then for the next six months, the second church is used. Again, there is only one Saturday Vigil Mass.
If your Roman Catholic Church has merged with one or more churches, how is the Saturday Vigil Mass scheduled?


This is a matter that’s decided by the pastor. Sometimes one church will be abandoned all together (after it has been profaned and sold by the bishop). Sometimes churches are only used for certain parts of the year. Some for certain Masses.

It’s all a case-by-case basis depending on the properties and the needs of the parishes.


A beautiful Polish church merged with our parish and is now used for all Vigil Masses and special feast days.


We have 3 parishes with one priest (not merged parishes, we are still three separate parishes financially).

The mass schedule rotated annually. So, you have Sat vigil for one year, Sunday at 8:30 for one year, then Sunday at 10:30 am for one year.

Just recently our pastor fixed the masses at each parish, so now we have 10:30 a.m. Sunday and that’s it.


Rural Parishes in Iowa will schedule it on a 6 month basis, normally based on the time change in the spring and fall.


I know of merged parishes around here that rotate holy days like Christmas and Easter.


I would think it would also depend on where the priest and majority of parishioners lived. So the church with the rectory or closer to where the priest lived might have the early morning Masses and the one farther way would get the afternoon schedule.

I have never personally experienced a merged parish or shared priest, but I can envision a zillion different ways for the Mass schedule to be split up. I have a bit of experience with a parish having a mission, which can have the same issue of which Masses happen where.


Yes, Easter Vigil is every 3rd year for us.

But, we always have a Holy Day mass at each parish.


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