Rough mornings~~~~~


any rough mornings today?

This morning started off well, prepped my lunch, drank some water woke up well rested, and going over a speech I had to make for a public speaking class. I drive 20 minutes to get to school only to realize I left a workpage at home that I needed for my speech to be graded on.

I had prepared everything and made sure was ready to go the night beforehand, and I plum forgot to grab my workbook. It was too late to go back and grab it, and I had to quickly think of how I can get a copy of the graded sheet to my teacher. There were no exceptions for not speaking and without this sheet, I would get a 0%. I asked a few people that didn’t present the same day as i if i could borrow theirs and exchange mine next class- all were not able.

I found a copy of a workbook at the front of class and asked the teacher if I could copy into a word document, which she reluctantly said yes to. Spent the 10 min before class typing this up and finished before class statred, but needed to print it. Missed 2 speeches getting that done.

Come the speech itself, I didn’t forget all I wanted to say but I forgot how I wanted to say it. Felt a little rambly, and unorganized. I keep teelling myself all of this is better than a 0%, but I am just fully embarrassed for myself and likely got a poor grade.

I was pretty prepared up until that point of forgetting, it just has my day a bit shaken.

Any mornings to share? Good or rough? Or any bad speeches they’ve experienced themselves or through another poor speech? Could use a distraction right now


Oh boy, that must have been stressful! My morning included getting into my car to go to work, only to suddenly remember I’d forgotten something, twice. Since I was delayed a few minutes there was little parking remaining at work and I had to walk far, so then I was more late and felt rushed. I have bronchitis right now so I was heaving in breath the whole way. The first thing on my schedule was a meeting. :sweat:

Once at work I proceeded to make many errors, like I have in recent days. It is so frustrating, I just want to quit rather than make all these mistakes that affect other people.

I’ve seen a doctor over it, but it is going to take time trying different things to see how to get back to normal. If you would be so kind as to pray for me, I’d be grateful. That ought to distract you for a minute. :grinning:


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