Roughly, how long would a Holy Communion service be?


I checked my Mass Schedule and on Monday at 9am, it says ‘Holy Communion’. Do you just go there and receive Holy Communion and that’s it? If not, what else is there?

How long does it usually take? I’m hoping I will have time to go before university.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This might not be the only way to do a “word and communion service” (as I’ve heard them called), but here’s one way I know it’s done:

It’s basically like a mass (but no incenceing of the altar), but at the time when the gifts would be brought up, you skip to the our father. Also, the blessing at the end would be motified.

That being said, I may be wrong, but that’s just from pratcial experience around some good catholics.

I know that dosen’t answer your question, but I’m terrible at guessing times. This should give you a rough idea though.

The Communion Services I have been to have consistes of:

Pennitential Act
Daily Readings
Prayer Intentions
Lord’s Prayer
Exchange Sign of Peace

I would say it could probably last from 15-20 minutes.

EF Communion Outside of Mass proceeds as follows:

Two Candles lit on altar; ablution cup and purificator near tabernacle
Corporal Spread out in front of tabernacle
Priest and Server with paten enter sanctuary
Priest opens tabernacle and prepares ciborium
Server recites the Confiteor
Priest says “Misereatur…” and then says “Indulgentiam etc…”
Priest holding up host says “ecce Agnus Dei”
Server responds “Domine non sum dignus” thrice
Priest distributes Communion at the altar rail assisted by server with paten
Priest purifies paten, reposes ciborium in tabernacle and ablutes fingers
Priest then gives blessing using formula “Benedictio Dei Omnipotenti…”

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This link gives the communion service in detail.

Thank you very much for your replies!

It seems to be considerably shorter than a Mass, so I’ll have time to go every Monday :smiley:

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