Round-the-world teen sailor alive, well

Searchers have contacted a 16-year-old Southern California girl feared lost at sea and found her alive and well in her disabled boat…

Abby Sunderland found alive

Great. I am glad she is safe. I hope this solo trip is at an end.

What idiots let their child do such a thing?
Last month it was the 13 y.o. climbing Everest.
What next?

Especially since they had a good reason to believe that when she left California on January 1st that she would run into very treacherous oceans during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter and even now she’s only 500 miles north of several Antarctic islands, so you can only imagine what it’s like there now.


Reported this morning that her brother sailed around the world when he was 16. Apparently, they (parents and some sponsors) didn’t get all the monetary support needed for her trip. Parents should be investigated. Wonder if they’d let the kid drive around the world at 16? And let’s not forget there are pirates in these waters. She could have spent years in some hell of a prison.

How about we spend less time condeming the parents who let their EXPERT SAILOR OF A DAUGHTER do this and more time thanking God she is alive?

Yes, let’s make examples of them. THROW THEM IN JAIL! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! :rolleyes:

Thank God she is alive! I hope her parents have learned their lesson. Their daughter’s safety is more important than a record.

This is a two month trip. If I vacationed in Europe for two months, and let my fifteen year old son stay at home by himself, I would be investigated by DFS, and rightly so.

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