Row over Glasgow City Council's plans to fly Palestinan flag


From the BBC:

A row has broken out over Glasgow City Council’s plans to raise the Palestinian flag over the city chambers on Friday.

Lord Provost Sadie Docherty said it would be raising the flag in solidarity with people who had been affected by the conflict in Gaza.

But the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council president said it was “angered and hurt” by the council’s decision.

Paul Morron said: “Flying the flag is the worst kind of gesture politics.”

He said such a move “does nothing to alleviate the suffering on either side of the conflict, nor does it bring peace closer by one single minute”.

Interesting that places like Glasgow support Hamas while places like Egypt support Israel.


Why do the Palestinians merit this much sympathy and support from around the world? There are many peoples around the world who are oppressed but they don’t get nearly the attention. The Kurds and Tibetans have each wanted their state but you don’t see worldwide protests for them.


It seems like this is a local issue. If the residents of Glasgow are fine with it then it is not of much interest to anyone else.


Okay, I get it, their local business however, if this was my own town or city, I would be very much against them taking a side in this manner. If the city were going to fly the Israeli flag, I could understand people objecting to that as well.


As we can clearly see from the link, there are strong objections.

I doubt the city at large is even aware of it right now.


Interesting that places like Glasgow support Hamas while places like Egypt support Israel.

I don’t about Egypt (though I suspect they would support an Isreali strike against Iranian nukes), but a lot of Western Europeans are scared to death of offending Muslims.


Its pretty pathetic when it can be said that “many” Europeans are afraid of offending Muslims I pray the United States remains the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! I believe that it will!


Glasgow supports Palestine, not Hamas.

Tibetans got their share of support including the CIA funding Tibetan terrorists.

It hasn’t been “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” for a long time.


A similar incident happened in Iowa, a week ago.
Irish flag flying atop Waterloo’s Black’s Building causes flap**

The replacement of the American flag with an Irish flag atop a landmark downtown building for this weekend’s Iowa Irish Fest is causing a bit of a stir.

Donna Nelson of Nelson Properties, which owns the Black’s Building, said her office received numerous phone calls, some from U.S. military veterans, regarding replacement of the large U.S. flag there with that of the Republic of Ireland in celebration of the Irish Fest, which runs through today. She also noted there have been many comments over social media.

“We did it last night (Thursday) about 5 p.m.,” Nelson said. “We started getting phone calls this morning. Most will not leave their name.” One caller, she said, was a U.S. Marine and business owner who said many people in his office were upset.

Another downtown businessman, Andy Shimek, said he understood the idea of flying a flag during Irish Fest. However, he objected to replacing a U.S. flag with that of another country, likening it to “wiping your feet on my flag.”

He had no problem with the Irish flags lining the Fourth Street Bridge or being displayed from other buildings. It was the replacement of such a prominent U.S. flag with one of another nation that he took issue with.



Or do you think it mere coincidence that this same council supports an arms embargo against Israel (or is it an arms embargo against the Jewish people, not the State of Israel?)

Flying a flag of a political entity represents support for the entity the flag represents. This flag represents the Palestinian Authority (i.e., Hamas)

If you oppose Mr Obama’s actions announced yesterday (authorizing military strikes against ISIS forces) and decided to fly this flag over your house:

Would the casual observer think that you supported the poor Iraqi people who Obama is going to murder or do you think that the casual observer would think that you support the murderous terrorist scum that is the caliphate?


It hasn’t stopped! You must be speaking personally.


Par for the course for the UK since the end of WWII. In the leadup to the UN partition, the British government sold literally tons of military hardware at fire sale prices to surrounding Arab countries that lined their armies up on the border smacking their lips waiting for the British occupation troops to pull out and open season on Jews to begin. Meanwhile the Brits not only refused to sell weapons to the Jews in Palestine to establish a self defense force, but they did their level best to enforce a blockade on the import of arms from anywhere to Jews in Palestine. This was at the same time that they were operating a concentration camp on Cyprus for Jews caught trying to illegally immigrate to Palestine (legal immigration by then was almost nothing). A camp as large as any operated by the Nazis. No gas chambers though. I suppose they get kudos for that. :shrug:

Might as well be honest about it and just fly the Palestinian flag.


Operated concentration camps in South Africa during the Boer War too, no surprise that the Palestinian flag has been hoisted up in the UK, the other day in Newcastle upon Tyne, a Labour councillor took it upon himself to fly it without permission, not that the population would dare say anything for fear of being labelled; racist, bigot et al.


Hamas only controls half the unity government which is led by Fatah. Although of course this attack on the Gaza strip has made Hamas politically even stronger.

The Islamic State is a one party state, Palestine is not.

Actually it has stopped, the American people are full of spineless cowards who shrug when the government abridges fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution in the name of safety.




And those of us who don’t shrug…are labeled as extremists (generally with the words “right wing” mentioned beforehand)

Oh, and by the way, Hamas won the last Parliamentary elections. The last “legitimate” PM of the PA was Hamas.

(Having said that, they’re supposed to have an election this fall, so we’ll see how that goes)


Its not easy to respond to your insult in a polite way but I will try. You are wrong about American people. Perhaps we have allowed too many people to use “political correctness, diversity and general stupidity” to control the media for the last several years but the alarm clock is ringing! The drug zombies are not going to last very long so spineless cowards should not be in abundance. The existence of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is alive and will pick itself up and dust itself off (hopefully by stopping all the illegals and other criminal activity that have entered the US. Our American military personnel are the best of the best in the world and there is nothing cowardly or spineless about them. Perhaps you are not an American born citizen but you seem to be enjoying your free speech. I know I do.


It’s not an insult, it is an observation. The NSA greatly infringes on American rights enshrined in the constitution and the President regular authorizes Americans being murdered. A man pulls the curtain off of it thereby exposing the perfidy of the American government towards the people and is denounced as a traitor, what madness is this?

The military is certainly brave, but the people they defend are not.

I am a natural born citizen, my father is a natural born citizen, his father is a natural born citizen who enlisted in WWII. 2/3 male cousins on my father’s side served in the military, one of the two is still serving, the third cousin is unfit for service.

The end of the Cold War broke the American people, it made most of us lazy, weak and complacent.


The end of a war, hot or cold, can’t do that of itself. Americans are largely lazy and complacent because most of them ceased worshipping the God of the universe and prostrate themselves before a golden calf of hedonism instead.

The fact that you yourself are more outraged about who’s listening to your phone calls and ordering military strikes on active terrorists than the ongoing genocide of the unborn suggests it ain’t just “them over there” who are complacent and comfortable…


Well that’s a sad heritage that your father, grandfather and cousins served in the US military but you did not. If you had you may have a greater appreciation of Americans - that is where we get our great military from ya know? And, you might be able to recognize a phony stooge of our enemies in the form of Edward Snowden for what he is. Everyone can be lazy, weak and complacent - why don’t you identify another country in the world that is better and why.

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