Row over Glasgow City Council's plans to fly Palestinan flag


Rather droll as the first man recorded displaying the Irish tricolour openly to a crowd was later a General in the Union army and served as a governor of what later became the state of Montana in the US.

In regards to Palestine the Irish Dail (our parliament) held a minute’s silence during which all stood to reflect unity with the Palestinian people. Israel is for numerous reasons not popular right now in Ireland (faking Irish passports is one reason that has soured realtions between the two) and many people in Ireland see a certain parallel between the Palestinians and ourselves. Which is ironic as numerous early members of the Haganah were inspired by the Irish struggle and several IRA men who fought in the 1920’s smuggled them substantial quantities of weapons in the 1940’s.



Ceasing to have a rival can very much make people complacent.

I am outraged by the pervasive culture of death in American society.

I have not because I am medically disqualified from the military. I’m actually fond of the idea of restoring the draft even in peace time to build character.

I am aware of black psy ops in the media.



Wait a minute - what country did you say was “better” than the U.S.?



Ireland is for the ones who hold her dear in their hearts. The IRA has a messy rep and the Irish have had to suffer through cruelties by the English - as evidenced by the number of Irish that legally immigrated to America (mine included)! The Irish culture of today has been tainted with the same evils present everywhere in the world. Their Catholic Christian faith will save them if they keep it!



I am an Irish citizen as you may be aware.One may be Irish and be any faith. You are making the odd mistake I have seen before amongst some Irish Americans (it would be unfair to say all) of identifying Irish with been Catholic as though the two terms were interchangeable. This is simply not the case.

As to the flag in Scotland it is probably unwise to fly it as it will be seen as support for a militant group. I would approve of a resolution such as that undertaken in Ireland and elsewhere condemning the violence by both sides and calling upon them both to end it.



That’s why I referred to the Catholic Christian faith - it is all Christian - OK? I know everyone is not Roman Catholic - thanks. And, may I add, other faiths are most likely claimed by Irish citizens.:slight_smile:



Indeed, indeed. The largest Churches in Ireland are the Catholic Church, the Church of Ireland, Presybterians and the various Orthodox Churches -the latter of whom have grown very rapidly in recent years due to immigration and Irish converts.

I can’t think of many other nation states or local authorities within the same in Europe that would fly the Palestinian flag. Although if you go to the six counties in Ireland you will see many flown side by side with the Irish flag there as many nationalists and republicans identify with the Palestinians. Given significant Irish immigration to Scotland that has carried over in some areas. Attitudes towards the conflict vary considerably in Europe. Also often what the government says and the populace believe may vary. Not everyone in the UK is so supportive of Israel as David Cameron by any means.

My father served as an UN peacekeeper in this troubled area and has commented many times that some of the attitudes displayed by both sides were incredibly hateful.



You are absolutely right that evil hatred is engaged and kept thriving because of choice. You cannot pray and sin at the same time! (I do not remember who said that!)



I never suggested any were.

At that point all legal immigration consisted of was hopping on a boat bound for the US, now it is complex and takes quite a while if you don’t have family in the US.


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