Roy Masters: Parental Injustice & Violence

I don’t want comments on Roy Masters, I want comments on Roy Masters’ article, “Parental Injustice Leads to Violence.” This is a thoroughgoing treatment of how our wounded pride brings us to identify with the tyrants in our lives from birth onward. It is the Stockholm Syndrome writ small, identification with and becoming like our tempters.

“You shall know the Truth; and the Truth shall set you free.”

Through cruel, inhuman pressure, often disguised as loving concern for his well-being and success, the real spirit of a child is slaughtered, and something awakens which is unholy standing in the place of the holy—an inferior creature full of fear and guilt,*** dependent on its corrupters for lying reassurances and motivation***, even when that motivation is hate.

who knew we were slaughterig spirits?

what a bunchola of crapola.

I find Roy Masters analysis insightful and unwaveringly Judeo-Christian. Pride is the ultimate sin, and the demonic egomania or godly inner-dependence is first seeded by parents.

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