Roy's son bares knuckles in QMJHL brawl

As a Canadian, I love hockey and a *good *fight, but that goaltender should be criminally charged. He punched another goaltender 16 times without the other hitting back at all. That isn’t and has no place in Hockey.

I can’t believe Patrick Roy is coaching. He is a hot-head and doesn’t belong on the bench IMO. He was a problem parent for one of his son’s coaches in Colorado…that son was a dirty player, encouraged by his father.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jonathon Roy was trying to live up to his father’s experience.

That is ugly and definitely has no place in hockey.

The best thing about football (American) is that the refs won’t tolerate anything like that. If a player throws a punch, he’s ejected, no questions asked.

I saw this on tqs last night. The Roy kid looks like he has anger issues. I didn`t see the lead up to the fight but it looked pretty unprovoked, seeing as Roy appeared to go the length of the ice to get to him. Looked pretty brutal to me. He does deserve a pretty harsh punishment.

I believe it deserves jail time. If you give jail time for Marty McSorley for what he did on Donald Brashear and Dino Ciccareli, then surely you give it to Roy. Once the other person has stopped punching, the fight is over and since he threw 15 punches on him without striking back then I believe he should be in jail.

**I’ve always disliked Roy. He was a talented goalie, but a much hated person (especially in Detroit). Now he has trained his son to act in the same arrogant manner.

This all boils down to talented athletes being pampered and not having to take responsibility for their actions. If anyone else had behaved in this manner, they would have been arrested. Just because they are not pros yet does not justify not filing charges.**

Well, I hate to argue, but you are from Detroit and that’s what I do with Red Wings fans. I grew up in Colorado. There is probably a bit of bias in what you are saying because, as you say, people in Detroit don’t like Patrick Roy. Well, I’m going to stand up for him. When I was a kid, he came out of the locker room after every game and walked all the way across the players parking lot to meet up with the fans that waited for him. It didn’t even matter how late the game ended. He always walked over to me, shook my hand, signed a puck for me, and talked with the kids, or adults, or whoever for about half an hour. I know that he has a hot streak on the ice, but he is nothing short of a generous individual off of it. As far as his son goes, I wouldn’t allow him to play another game if it were up to me. If you want to talk about arrogance, then my point of view is that Darren Mccarty is criminally insane. He even used the Bible to justify an attempted murder within the rink. What did you think about that whole ordeal?

I’m not trying to defend this particular act but, in all of my meetings with any professional athletes, Patrick Roy is probably the least arrogant, pampered, irresponsible of them that I have met.

I disagree. He is not all bad, but in my experience meeting with him as an adult and from what his kid’s coaches have told me he is like as a parent, I wouldn’t place him on too high of a pedestal. Other professional hockey players whose kids my son has played with are much, much nicer and humbler than Roy. The best ones didn’t get involved with coaching their kids on their youth teams. I’m sure they worked with them at home, like other dads, but they were just that…dads.

Personally, I don’t think he has the best demeanor for the bench.

BTW…GO AVS!!! My back-up (i.e. second favorite team) is the Sharks, so I am in good shape this year. :thumbsup:

Well, yes. I don’t want to put him too high a pedestal. I don’t think that he has the best demeanor for coaching either, but in every experience that I had with him, he was just a normal guy. The press always made him look like a heartless badger or something, but he was even more giving of his time than, for instance, Joe Sakic. Now, I’m not judging Super Joe, I’m just saying that Roy is a heartless monster.

Go Av’s! I hopw that we don’t have to play San Jose in the first round…

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