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When I went to a Confirmation recently, I noticed that the people scrambled to recieve Communion from the Bishop. His line was much longer than the other people’s lines, including the pastor’s. I’ve noticed this at weekly Mass, too, when some people scramble to recieve communion from one of the 2 priests instead of the lay people.

I wonder if these people think that the Eucharist is only valid if they recieve if from an ordained person, or if they think it’s only sort of valid from a lay person.

It just so happened that I was in the bishop’s line (he was on the same side of the center aisle as I was), but it wouldn’t have mattered to me if I were in one of the layperson’s line.

What is your opinion? Would you rather recieve Communion from a bishop, priest, or deacon than a lay person. If given a choice, would you choose to recieve from a bishop over a priest, a priest over a deacon, a deacon over a lay person–kind of like ranking?

Many people, including myself, question the propriety of receiving Communion from an EMHC when priests and deacons are available.

Really–how much more time would it take?

Now, years ago I knew one priest who had 5 parishes of two different rites scattered all over the state. In his main parish, where he lived, there was a nun living as a hermitess. When he would be gone (sometimes days at a time) she was authorized to lead the Liturgy of the Word, Prayer of the Faithful, and distribute Communion from the Reserved Sacrament.

This was truly “extraordinary” and no one should find this objectionable.

I know of one bishop who insists on giving everyone Communion himself when he visits a parish. He feels that giving the Mysteries to his flock is an important part of his pastoral ministry. Who can say he’s wrong?

It really shouldn’t matter, because the Christ does not add any extra graces if you receive Him from a lay person or bishop. There are four effects from holy communion if you receive it worthily (as in not in mortal sin) as said from the Baltimore Catechism :

1st A closer union with God and and a more fervent love of God and our neighbor
2nd increase of sanctifying grace
3rd forgiveness of venial sin and help to keep away from mortal sin
4th a lessening of our inclination to sin and the help to practice good works

Again there is not an addition or decrease to these graces if you receive Him from Eucharistic minister or priest or bishop

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When I go to Holy Communion in my church, I go to some lengths to recieve from the Pastor. Not because I consider Communion any less valid if distributed by a layman (because the Pastor consecrated it!), but because I generally take objection to the whole “let’s get this over with!”-attitude which is the basis for laymen being involved in distributing…

So for you it’s a protest of the reason for having others give Communion. That makes sense.

I wonder what the Church would do if everyone protested and would only recieve from priests and deacons?

It really makes no difference to me. Well, actually it does, now that I think about it.

At our church we have the pastor and one retired (but they never let them retire, really) priest. We have two Masses - one in the church and one in the basement - so there is only one priest at each Mass. We really would be there all morning. The poor cantor trying to sing for a 1/2 hr or more!

But then, when I was younger, we had 2 priests at the Mass. We also had more people at each Mass. And we all had to take turns kneeling and waiting to recieve at the altar rail.

You make a good point. Maybe people are just in too much of a rush.

Although I was raised in the Lutheran Church, it has been many years since I attended a Lutheran service. Do Lutherans now use EMHC?

I could answer that question if I knew what EMHC is :slight_smile:

Originally Posted by rick43235
Although I was raised in the Lutheran Church, it has been many years since I attended a Lutheran service. Do Lutherans now use EMHC?

Eucharistic/Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. They assist the preist/deacons during the distribution of the Eucharist. I don’t know much about their specific duties, but I would think they is similar to what lay assistants in a Lutheran Church do. So, though the term EHMC is Catholic, I guess we do.


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