RSV-2CE and the NAB-RE


Good point…

Let me be clear about something for the OP. I don’t have an issue with the original NAB translation or the NABRE, per se. However, I’m not a fan of the 8th grade English they use (but that’s just my preference).

However, I do take issue with some of their footnotes.

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Agreed. I think they rely a little too much on the historical-critical method, which has its merits, but has its problems too.


I had this discussion with my pastor; he isn’t quite fond of the NABERE either. I told him my personal Bible was RSVCE, as is his. I do remember Fr. Mitch Pacwa saying that the reason that the NAB was because the bishops have a copyright on it. I understand not using some more “archaic” versions, but, that doesn’t mean I am fond of translations that go too far in the other direction.


For me, they’re both fine, including the English level for NABRE (because it’s also used in places where English is spoken as a second language) and the philological/historical notes (because they give me another perspective of the verses). Given that, it’s good to have both, i.e., a Catholic study bible and NABRE.

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