RSV-CE Concordance

I just saw from Emmaus Road that early this year an RSV-CE Concordance is to be released. Do you think it would be beneficial to you to have this concordance??? I am not a huge fan of the RSV-CE, but I am seriously considering this concordance simply to help me with my biblical studies.

RSV-CE concordance?

With a few taps of my fingers, I can be searching and comparing Bible verses by any point of reference (including keywords) from more than 10 Bible translations (including the RSV) on my Faith Database. Sounds kind of obsolete…and it’s not even out yet!

Just kidding, of course. :wink:

I have to agree with Passus :thumbsup:

Although I don’t use the Faith Database product, I do use the similar e-Sword with many different concordances, encyclopedias, & dictionary modules that I loaded, and many different Bible translations including the RSV. The most important to me are the Church Fathers - which I can instantly see their reflections in modules such as Aquinas’ Catena, Haydock’s, or Lapide’s. I also use many ‘Protestant’ concordance modules such as Barnes, Gill, Wesley, Henry, etc… as long as one is aware where Catholic teaching differs, these are great resources.

Although computer based study like these programs have great advantages, I find it does not replace my printed Bible. I use both. Just something intangible about holding & reading the Word from your book.:thumbsup:

For those who do not wish to use software like this, the Emmaus Road product may have some benefit, depending on quality - which I expect they will do a good job. But just like it’s advantageous to check different Bible translations, so too with concordances :smiley:

This actually sounds like it would be a great tool to have. There are not many Catholic Bible concordances out there. This especially being for a good Bible translation. Most concordances out there are for Protestants Bibles that dont include the Deuterocanonical.

The Blue Ignatius RSV-CE is the main bible that I have been using a concordance would be nice. However this search engine works well:

And Strongs concordance for the KJV version hasn’t failed me yet when I reference it to the RSV. Sometimes you just may need to look up a different word than you normally would.

Not trying to put down what you said, but Strongs concordance isn’t good when you need to look for a word in the Deuterocanonical. This is why I am excited for this RSV-CE Concordance to come out. It is about time us Catholics have a another good Bible resource.

yes it about time that we get a concordance. As stated earlier, I am not a fan of the RSV-CE. However, I do believe as Catholic that this concordance would be beneficial. I also am considering getting “A textual concordance of the Holy Scriptures”. It is pretty much a concordance relating to the Douay-Rheims, which is my main Bible along with the Clementine Vulgate. Just out of curiosity is there any Protestant KJV concordances that includes the apocrypha with its concordance. I know there are KJV Bibles that contain the Apocrypha in its text, but just wondering if there is a concordance as well. I think all Catholic versions should have a concordance

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// i wonder what do these Bible concordances have???

// no i don’t know anything about these Bible concordances… :frowning:

A concordance is in a similar format like the Catechism when looking the references. With a concordance you can look up a word or topic and it will give how many times the word or similar words appear in the Bible and what verses they are and definition of words. Right now I only now of one concordance out and that is based off of the Douay-Rheims. Many here seem to favor the RSV-CE and this new one would benefit them real well.

// cool…thank you… :smiley:

Jehuty X,

Another thing to add, not all concordances are the same. The Textual Concordance of Holy Scripture that was list above is divided up into topics. The moral section is the largest. If you want to find all the verses dealing with marriage you would look up marriage. If you want to find verses dealing with confession you would look that up.

The Strong’s Concordance that was mentioned earlier is different from the Textual. There are different versions of the Strongs for one thing. The one I have is a Greek/Hebrew Concordance. It has all the words in the Bible and what they are in the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. Unfortunately the Strong’s is based on the abridged version of the KJV. The one that is missing the 7 Deuterocanonical books.

Personally I have found the Strong’s to be of more value than the Textual. I’m interested in the RSV-CE Concordance but I would need to know more about it. The description doesn’t really say a whole lot. It also doesn’t tell you how much it is.

Thanks for the info about the Textual Concordance. I feel that both the Strong’s and Textual benefit me although the Strong’s is Protestant. I do lot of comparative analysis with the Douay and the KJV. I am sure that more info will be given when the RSV-CE concordance is released.

I have been using even though its a Protestant site. If you look at the menu along the left side of the home page, there is a choice of “available versions”. If you want the Deuterocanonicals, just choose the “Douay Rheims 1899 American Edition” and you can find the rest of the bible.

I also like the site because it is easy to use the KJV to prove Catholic doctrine, and most non-Catholics and pseudo-Christians recognize the KJV as authoritative.

I will check the RSV-CE concordance, as any Catholic concordance is a very useful tool.

Christ’s peace.

I too use biblegateway from time to time as well as The KJV and the Douay-Rheims are similar because they have borrowed from each other from time to time. I wish there was a site like biblegateway with all Catholic versions. You are right it is easy to prove the Catholic doctrine using the KJV. My Aunt and Uncle are KJV only and Pentecostal and they can’t tell a difference when I quote from the Douay.

I really like the RSV-CE and have wanted a concordance to it for a long while. Using the internet is hard on my eyes for any length of time, and I read the Bible while I’m not on the internet (for instance, in front of the Blessed Sacrament or in my daily prayer, lectio divina). I’m really glad this is coming out!!!:thumbsup:

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