RSV-CE Online?

Can anyone tell me where to find the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition online? I want to be able to search, read, etc.

So far, I’ve only found the RSV online (with Deuteros) at Univ. of Virginia here .

Any help is appreciated - thanks in advance!

I haven’t had any luck in my search either. I’ve found tapes and cds for sale but nothing online.

How about Douay-Rheims, at least it’s Catholic?

How about Douay-Rheims, I don’t know of any RSV-CE sites but at least this is also a Catholic version?

This may be the same site you posted but I go here all the time.

Thank you for this RSV link. I have searched and searched with no luck. I haven’t even be able to find computer software for the RSV-CE. If anyone knows where I can buy it please post a link. I would really appreciate it. Thanks again and God bless.

You can download an excellent free bible software at

It is clearly designed by a protestant, you will notice by the bookmarks he has setup and the fact that the KJV is the default.

Anyway, you can download the RSV (with deuteros) here;

You can have many versions of the bible and actually compare different verses.

Just place the unzipped file into the folder where e-sword was installed. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but here are sites for bibles.

Just a heads-up that this link no longer functions and the complete RSV is not available from e-sword, only the castrated protestant edition.

harmony media’s welcome to the Catholic Church has both RSV-CE and NAB on the CD, as well as the CCC and other resources. I got mine from ignatius press.

Go here:

Thank you Manfred for the link. Even though I didn’t ask the original question, I too have wondered if the Catholic edition was available online. I think there are many people who would like to know this link.

Would anyone happen to know the differences between the NRSV and the RSV-CE?

The main difference is the use of inclusive language in the NRSV (both in the NRSV-CE and the NRSV). Neither the RSV-CE, RSV-2CE nor the RSV use inclusive language. The NRSV is one of the worst translations in terms of its use of inclusive language. A Bible that uses some inclusive language but not to the point of ruining the original meaning is the NJB.

Thanks for your reply.

Are there any further differences between the NRSV and the RSV-CE?

The translations are different. It has been changed to reflect different understanding of Hebrew and the like, I surmise. Here is an example, the RSV first and the NRSV second:

1 Samuel 1:5 and, although he loved Hannah, he would give Hannah only one portion, because the LORD had closed her womb.

1 Samuel 1:5 but to Hannah he gave a double portion, because he loved her, though the LORD had closed her womb.

I find the NRSV reads more smoothly than the RSV, so long as you leave out the consideration of gender inclusive language. Also, the RSV will have a “thee” in prayers to God and the like, while the NRSV will not have that type of language.

The text found at the web site linked above in Manfred’s post is not the RSV-CE or the RSV-2CE (Ignatius 2nd edition) or the Oxford Press RSV-CE. The details can be found in this thread beginning with post #82. In a nutshell, whoever created this web site took the text of the 1971 RSV and made some edits found in the RSV-CE. The problem is the original RSV-CE was not a revision of the 1971 RSV but of the earlier 1962 RSV which differs in many places from the 1971 version. The web site above does not match any published RSV-CE and is therefore unreliable.


I’m copying the statement I made earlier today in two other threads:

I suspected it was too good to be true, that the RSV-CE, even if it was a hybrid 1971/1965CE, was really online. Ignatius, Oxford, Scepter all saw to that, I’m sure.

So, let’s shout this out:

THE RSV-CE (1965-66 ed.) IS NOT ONLINE.



That’s cool. By the time I saw this thread and posted to it, I knew you were aware of this info, but quoting your earlier post was the easiest thing to do because it contained the link for the site in question.

This is true. I’ve checked out the links and the Bible text. None of those translations are available online. :thumbsup:

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