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This isn’t the exact RSVP card but its kinda similiar. I have a stupid question. I have to RSVP for a friends wedding and I’m not sure what to put. I know to check “I’ll Attend” but what does that M on the very first line mean?? I feel like a goofball asking this! :ehh:


Don’t feel like a goofball. I would not have known this either if I didn’t get married a few years ago. I still might be wrong on this, but I’m at an age where all of our friends are getting married, so we’ve seen this A LOT.

The “M” is for “Mr.” or “Miss” or “Mrs.” etc. When we do our RSVPs for friends’ weddings, I’ll write, “'M’r. and Mrs. Richard -------”

Hope that helps.


Yup, it’s just the beginning of Mr., Mrs., Ms, Miss. you just have to fill in the guest. But remember, don’t bring a date if you didn’t get the mention of a plus one.


It doesn’t say + 1 but it says how many are attending. And its my friend and we talk alot on myspace and she asked if I was bringing a date with a winking happy face. Does that mean its ok for me to bring one since she asked?


If the invitation says:

Ms. Keri6798 and guest

Then, yes, you can bring a guest.

If the invitation says:

Ms. Keri6798

Then, only YOU are invited.

If you talk to her online and you aren’t really sure, you can just ask her.


I agree with the above poster. But you know her better than us. I’d ask her to make sure if it’s ok.


If she asked about a date with a winky face, she probably hopes you’ll bring a date so she can meet the person.


I was married a month ago today and take it from a recent bride: DO NOT BRING A GUEST UNLESS YOUR INVITE SAYS AND GUEST

We had many many many more people arrive than we had planned on, and although it was wonderful to see so many people wanted to be with us on our special day, it was a bit overwhelming for my mother, father and CATERER! I know many people think “I know the bride, and she won’t mind” and that is true, most of the time. But when 150 people think that you are in trouble! I would most definately clarify with the bride that it is ok before you write ‘2’ in the number attending line. I learned the hard way that every time I told a friend, “sure, bring a date” it was costing my parents money. :eek:


You can always ask, but make sure she feels totally comfortable in telling you no.

I’m in 4 more weddings this year (just got through the first on 5/5) and I can tell you just with throwing showers, that no answering RSVP’s and bringing someone you thought should come as a guest without asking first throws everything out of whack. Thank God for the mimosas at these showers, it was the only think that kept me from sticking a salad fork through some of these women’s eyeballs.


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