Rubes comic

I don’t get this. Can someone help?? :o

If he walks, then there’s no chance of a collision when the runner gets to first?

Hmmmm…maybe…very vague if that’s it!!!

I think the joke is that the artist is copying Far Side.

It’s a porcupine batter! I don’t want a porcupine running at me full speed after he hits the ball!

This is my 2 cents also!

Porcupine batter? What kind of cake does that make?

But the batter and first baseman hardly ever collide! :o

Not cake…Porcupine Pie!

They hardly ever collide? Wow! We must have been playing it wrong when I was a kid!:eek:

You ran into the first baseman frequently when you ran to first base? :o

Does that come with whipped cream, or is it more of an ice-cream kind of pie?

As a kid, I almost always slid into first base! No cleats…

As a professional umpire, not only did I see first basemen run into, I had to jump pretty fast to keep myself out of the collision as well.:smiley:

Porcupine Pie should always be served with molasses. Yummy, nummy!:wink:

But what do you drink with that?

A very strong beer or ale, such as Stone’s Arrogant &%#*&@

You had a very rough league. :slight_smile:

Southern California Umpires Association…no rougher than calling baseball for the American Forces in Europe League!

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