Rubio: Gang of 8 Bill Never Intended to Become Law [NBC]


Rubio: Gang of 8 Bill Never Intended to Become Law

ROCK HILL, SC — Marco Rubio on Monday insisted the immigration reform bill he helped spearhead through the Senate was never intended to become law and that the authors of the bill expected conservatives in the House to make it “even better.”

“The Senate immigration law was not headed towards becoming law,” he told a questioner at a town hall in Rock Hill, S.C. “Ideally it was headed towards the House, where conservative members of the House were going to make it even better.”

Rubio added that the legislation he helped draft as part of a bipartisan team known as the “Gang of 8” was “the best we could do given the fact of who was running the Senate at the time,” noting Democrats were in control, “but it was never going to go from there to the president’s desk.”

He said he took particular issue with a provision raised by a questioner that the questioner said would effectively allow undocumented immigrants who were affiliated with gangs back into the United States merely if they renounced their association with the gang.

“Those were one of the things that I complained about — in fact, I was saying, these standards are too low, it’ll never pass the House, it’ll never become law,” he said.

Rubio’s involvement in the 2013 immigration reform effort which has long raised suspicions among conservatives because of its provision offering a pathway to citizenship for immigrants here illegally. And Rubio’s opponents have seized on that suspicion in an attempt to draw conservative votes against him, airing ads attacking him for his work on a bill promoting “amnesty” and even at times targeting him on the stump.

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Rubio challenged on immigration by voteless veteran

Beaufort (United States) (AFP) - Jose Ruben Guerrero is a former US Marine, a self-described “conservative immigrant” who thinks White House hopeful Marco Rubio would earn his vote in November – if he had a vote, that is.

Guerrero is a legal resident of the United States who came to the country with his Mexican parents when he was a few months old, before they overstayed their visas.

Despite being allowed to stay in the country, the 37-year-old military veteran from Lady’s Island, South Carolina is not a citizen.

He also has a checkered record that he said he is afraid to have brought up at a citizenship hearing.

So when his favorite Republican presidential candidate hosted a town hall in nearby Beaufort, Guerrero stood up.

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I doubt NBC reports this if they didn’t see a net benefit to Democrats.

But I think anyone who serves in our military ought to be eligible to vote.


I can support Rubio, I do; maybe I like Kasich or Cruz first; I’d have to see if I were voting.

But amnesty is his Achilles heel; I support immigration reform, probably a lot like what Rubio does but a long answer does not strike as well as simple talking points that some politicians have and unfortunately, some of Republican electorate oversimplify Rubio’s stance on this and additionally, many do not like anything that says ‘amnesty’. But I’m pragmatic, I’m sure there are some logical things that can be done to remedy this problem.


He also has a checkered record that he said he is afraid to have brought up at a citizenship hearing.

“I made mistakes like anybody else,” Guerrero said, without describing the details of his brushes with the law.

Guerrero did not deploy overseas, but he served dutifully in the Marine Corps from 1997 to 2003.

During the late 2009 US troop surge in Iraq, he signed up again, and now remains in the military reserves.

I’d like to know what legal issues this guy has that make him afraid he’d get deported if he actually bothered to go through a citizenship hearing, but have not gotten him booted from the USMCR.


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