Rubio running for Senate re-election: Florida lawmaker


Reuters) - Marco Rubio, the U.S. Senator from Florida and former presidential candidate, is running for re-election, U.S. Representative David Jolly told CNN on Friday, a move that could help Republicans keep control of the chamber.

“Marco is saying he’s getting in,” said Jolly, a fellow Republican who has been running to fill the seat.

Jolly, who represents the area around St. Petersburg and Clearwater, has said he would step aside if Rubio decided to run for re-election. He told CNN he would make a formal announcement at noon EDT but gave no other details.


Good news. We need more vivacious and talented people in Congress.


Now get out and re-elect him, Florida! :thumbsup:


Floridians re-electing him is not a certainty with Trump at the top of the ticket and Rubio’s first Senate run was not in a Presidential election yr when there is stronger Democratic turnout than in midterms.

Rubio remains very unpopular in Florida- only 30% of voters approve of him to 49% who disapprove of the job he’s doing. Among critical independent voters he’s even more unpopular than he is with the electorate as a whole- only 26% approve of him and 55% disapprove. Rubio trails likely Democratic candidate, Patrick Murphy, 42% to 41% in a hypothetical match up. But among voters familiar with both Rubio and Murphy, Murphy held a 57% to 35% advantage.

And although Patrick Murphy is the frontrunner to be the Democratic nominee, even his primary opponent, Alan Grayson, is closing the gap with Rubio.


If Rubio is so unpopular in Florida, why do they (the Republicans) want him to run so bad?


I don’t know. I can only guess. Maybe they believe he is their best hope with Trump at the top, considering the advantage incumbency can bring.


It won’t happen if word of this gets around…

Rubio flies with Obama on Air Force One to Orlando


I don’t know anything about Florida politics, but my son has very heavily involved friends in Florida, and they claim Rubio is dead, politically, in Florida.


I know name recognition goes a long way in statewide races, but Rubio got trounced pretty hard in Florida by Trump. He doesn’t seem to want the job, and he’s not even that popular. Furthermore, he’ll be stuck running with Trump at the top of the ticket and that won’t be fun for him trying to defend his position knowing darn well that Trump could shoot off his mouth at any moment.

I can’t see why he would do it.


I’m not a big fan, but I suppose Florida could do worse than Little Marco. He’s taking a big chance by running, however. If he loses his political future would be grim.


And the guy on the top of the ticket just spent 6 months calling him Little Marco.


My understanding is that Rubio sank his political ship by becoming one of the “Gang of 8” after effusively promising voters he would not back amnesty for illegal immigrants. That’s why he lost Florida to Trump, I’m told, and that’s why he won’t be re-elected in Florida.


Actually, I don’t know why Florida would even want him back. During his time in the Senate he’s missed more votes than any other member.


He did lose the republican primary there, pretty bad. I don’t know how much support he will have.

He’s basically fighting a 3 way match, against Trump (some will not vote for Rubio if they vote for Trump) then whoever his opponent is.


I don’t think non-Floridians will care that he opposed Trump in the primary. But if his disfavor in Florida really is about his joining the “Gang of 8” after promising voters he would oppose amnesty for illegals, he’s done there.

It’s a very big deal to lose a primary in your own state, and there are always serious reasons why a person would. Kasich, after all, won his home state over Trump. Floridians just don’t like Rubio anymore.


I’ve read he has said Orlando impacted him so he is considering the leadership role he could have as a senator. Maybe he also sees the title of Senator as a way to stay somewhat relevant for a 2020 Presidential run. But at the same time I heard tonight in weighing his decision, he does have the concern that if he were to lose, that would be 2 FL defeats in less than 1 yr and would make him political toast for any future WH aspirations.


I agree.


Wow, these comments really do try and talk this down. Also, public policy polling is a Democratic polling firm.

Rubio is probably the best candidate to run for the GOP and he strengthens their ability to hold the Senate.

Also, Donald Trump is in a tight race with Clinton.


Folks need to realize that approval numbers do not equal votes.


The most devastating knockout of all primary debates both Republican and Democrat, was the one Chris Christie put on Marco.

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