Rubio sees surge of support after strong showing in Iowa


**Rubio sees surge of support after strong showing in Iowa

US presidential hopeful Marco Rubio has seen a surge in high-profile endorsements, after a surprisingly strong finish in the Iowa caucuses.

The Florida Senator’s campaign said that it had also received $2m (£1.37m) dollars in funding after the vote.**

Mr Rubio is currently polling in third place in averages of national polls.

Amid the endorsements, rival candidates, notably New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, have stepped up attacks on the first term senator.

With the rapid series of endorsements, Mr Rubio is now leading the Republican pack of candidates in number of endorsements, having surpassed Jeb Bush, according to statistics website FiveThirtyEight and the campaign.

Thus far the Republican race has been dominated by outsider candidates like businessman Donald Trump and conservative firebrand Senator Ted Cruz.

However, the next primary in more moderate New Hampshire will be a critical test for the “establishment” candidates - a group that includes Mr Rubio, Mr Christie, Mr Bush and John Kasich.

The four are seen more viable candidates in the general election.

Among those endorsing Mr Rubio is US Senator Tim Scott, a black Republican from South Carolina, who is very popular in the conservative state.

His support could prove crucial for his fellow senator who is hoping to win big in the Palmetto State when its primary is held on 20 February.

Also throwing his support behind Mr Rubio in recent days was former presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

Mr Santorum who has strong support among evangelicals and is known for his conservative social policy agenda recently dropped out of the race.

The former Pennsylvania senators endorsement could help broaden Mr Rubio’s base of supporters and prove useful in elections in socially conservative states.

Among those endorsing Mr Rubio since the Iowa caucuses:

US Senator and Former Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum
US Senator Tim Scott, of South Carolina
US Senator Pat Toomey
Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin
Congressman Steve Womack
Congressman Rick Crawford
Congressman Lynn Westmoreland
Congressman Glenn Thompson
Co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus and Congressman Matt Salmon
New Hampshire GOP Activist Susan Duprey


This new poll though still has Trump way out in front in NH by 21 pts over Rubio. 36% to 15%.

Although I think I saw another one where Trump was at 25 and Cruz and Rubio were tied at 21. I heard an undecided NH state legislator say today the surprise will be for 2nd place. I think anything could happen in the next 4 days. But if Trump holds on, he could be labelled the “comeback kid” after his poorer showing in IA and then the primary moves on to SC with the 2 winners from the first 2 contests, Cruz and Trump, along with whoever else doesn’t decide to call it quits yet. SC will be crucial as no Republican since 1980 has won their party’s nomination without winning the SC primary other than Romney in 2012 in a yr in which Newt Gingrich won the state.


Trump and Rubio haven’t attacked each other (much :wink: ). I can’t help but wonder if that will be the ticket?


That actually crossed my mind today. Trump’s official residence is in NY and not FL, right? I doubt Rubio would have much effect on the general election race though in the 2nd slot as he might if he were the nominee. And Hillary could choose former San Antonio mayor and Housing Sec Julian Castro as her VP.


I tend to doubt that Rubio ( or any of the other candidates) would choose Trump as a running mate. Who knows who Trump would pick if God forbid he won the nomination.


NY (to the best of my knowledge). Dunno. I think Rubio on the ticket would cause a significant number (more) of Hispanics to vote Republican. Might capture them for a good bit (particularly if Rubio follows Trump as president).

Anyone know which convention is first?


Trump woundn’t accept the job. :wink: As it stands now, I would be floored if he isn’t the nominee.


I don’t see why, as much as I agree with him on Cruz he even took that legit complaint into the crazy sphere by blaming it on Cruz being Canadian. He comes off as a wind bag that can’t control himself. And his birth certificate thing, is just a rerun of his same tactic on Obama. Trump in the white house and having the codes to our nukes scares the living **** out of him.

Of course Obama got elected to, so yes the electorate has proven something there. I just didn’t expect so called Republicans to be the same as Dems.


Non-Cuban Hispanics will not vote Republican just in order to vote for a Cuban.


Non-Cuban Hispanics will not vote Republican en masse just in order to vote for a Cuban.


You may have a point (twice :smiley: )


GOP in Cleveland July 18-21

Dems in Philly July 25-28

Or think The Donald-Rubio of Cuban ancestry vs Hillary-Julian Castro of Mexican ancestry. :shrug:


He comes off as a wind bag because that’s his style–he’s not a politician who hedges every word. However, all the things trump has said in the open aren’t anywhere as bad as what politicians do in the dark: how they ram through thousand-pages long legislation in the middle of night which they haven’t even read, how they lie and cheat in elections, how they lie to families of those killed in Benghazi, etc…


No it’s not stating the “truth” that makes anyone a windbag to me. It’s stupid things like yelling that Cruz did what he did because he’s from Canada. And the fact that he determines anyone who doesn’t agree with him or kiss his rear end is an enemy and stupid. It’s also the fact that attempted to blackmail the Republican party. He is not someone that I want in the White House and to be meeting with other heads of state or having our nuke launch codes.


You may look at it as an attempt to blackmail the party, for Trump it’s just negotiation. The Canada thing may not matter to you, to other voters it’s an issue because democrats will sue if Cruz is the nominee.

But I understand where you come from.


I’ve heard his name before as a possible vice presidential candidate, but he’s from Texas, and he being on the ticket with Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is not going to put Texas in play for the Democrats, so whoever the Democratic nominee is, they may choose somebody who is from a swing state instead.


Texas has a lot of Dems in the big cities, but those people would vote for Clinton regardless if a Texan is the running mate.


Sure, but I don’t think Julian Castro being on the ticket would win Texas for the Democrats.


They may choose someone from a swing state and I don’t think TX is in play yet either in 2016. But neither was Alaska in 2008. Nor was Delaware considered a swing state in 2008 either. Maybe WI was in 2012 but that didn’t work out so well, did it? Winning a state is not the only factor considered when choosing a VP. The last Republican combo in the WH? TX-WY. Neither swings.


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