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Hi everyone. In a thread on a different website, I posted a couple of links for people to look at and then discuss, not debate. Well, I didn’t make it clear in my first post that I didn’t want debate. So along comes this girl who acts like she is going to try to debate me on what I said. I then kindly state that I do not want any debate in my thread. Well, guess what? This woman decides to accuse me of putting words in her mouth and where on earth she gets the idea that I was “putting words in her mouth”, I’d love to know! So needless to say I am a little bit irritated right now. I would definitely appreciate an apology from this person on this other website. But I am posting this to request prayer that I can forgive this person and also that there would be no more rude people in my thread over at this other website.


Praying for all the rude people in the world. Praying for all of those who are intruded upon by the rude; that we may forgive and just offer it up!



Hi Holly , so sorry for this bad incident and that you had the bad luck to meet such a rude and unpleasant girl .
Unfortunatelly such a kind of bullying and mobbing persons are everywhere …
You’ll have my prayers that Lord will help you in this moment , give you inner peace and comfort after this unpleasant situation .
I pray also that God the Holy Spirit help this girl to realize her mistake and to apologise for every unfair things she said .
May Lord keep all of us away from this rude and bully persons , God bless you all !


It is always hurtful when we are mistreated by others. I struggle with this also. I will be praying for you Holly. I was just speaking with someone about a recent problem I had that was much like yours. Advice: Offer it up to Christ’s suffering and he will use this in a way we can not understand. I hope you realize that you did not deserve such a reaction and to have peace in knowing that the problem is theres not yours. I pray that you feel Christ’ peace and I pray that the offender will realize that they can not respond in such a way. God Bless and I will keep you in my prayers.




I wonder is it this thread that you are talking about.

Where is the rudeness?

I have found out that when we participate in discussions on the internet we have to read carefully the whole thread before we answer and not be to sensitive.

I wish everybody were truthful about their religious views and not pretend to be of one religion on one messageboard and of another religion on another messageboard. I have seen that happen to often. But that’s their problem and not mine so I really shouldn’t be so offended by this.


Jesus please give Holly peace of mind




Praying that God will help you to give love and forgiveness to every sinner created in Gods image, even when they are rude.

God bless you


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