Rude, Thoughtless People

Would this be “Maryland’s finest”, the Baltimore PD?

If so, this wouldn’t be the first horror story that I’ve heard about them, let me tell you…

As I was starting to mature in my Christian walk (hadn’t had my
’reversion experience’ yet, if I ever tried something that wasn’t right, God would always have something a bit embarrassing happen as a result of that - ie He lovingly took me to the spiritual woodshed:blush: As I was pondering that, and watching my p’s and q’s a lot more, I came across this Bible verse that I hope encourages all of you as well:

God chastises those whom He loves.:slight_smile:

Yet, it makes sense, because I love my children, and I’m always working on/with them about their behaviours, attitudes, because I want them to have blest lives, not ones of struggling forever. So, when God truly loves us, He pulls us up (lovingly but quickly) short.:slight_smile: So, whenever God chastises me, I thank and praise Him that He loves me enough to save me from myself, again!!!

God bless

I have encountered this before as well—in supermarkets, colleges, offices, etc.

My own policy is to say, “Excuse me, please,” three times, and if that doesn’t work, I bellow in my best drill sergeant voice, "MAKE A HOLE, AND MAKE IT WIDE!!!" at the top of my lungs.

It’s amazing to see how fast they scramble out of the way.

In the case of Blyss’ daughter, that type of behavior when she is obviously handicapped is just plain inexcusable. I’m afraid, sadly, that it’s simply another case of the “Me First, Not You” culture that is all too prevalent in America these days.

I feel so bad for your daughter. Some people are so wrapped up in their own world they are oblivious. I’ve been in and out of wheelchair, on and off crutches now for the last five years and 90% of the people have been fantastic too me. It’s always the goons that stand out but I’ve always found their are the exceptions to the rule. Can you imagine if they treat disabled people/strangers that way how they treat everyone else in their lives?

If you want to think about it another way, it was rude thoughtless people who ignored a humble, staggering, crippled man carrying a cross up to his death 2000 years ago. And if they didn’t ignore him, they spat on him or jeered at him. Remember, Jesus says that however you treat the least of his brothers, that is how you treat him.

As a fellow arthritis sufferer, I like the drill seargents idea…lololol.

I will also leave you with this one - Mother Theresa was once asked how she dealt with those people who came around EVERY DAY to make problems and to try and shut down her ministry…her reply? “I look at them and think, 'here comes Jesus Christ, cleverly disguised”.

No wonder that woman is a saint.

I SO feel for your daughter! I’m older than her but I have bad, painful arthritis in my hips and I have to move slowly and use a cane when I CAN get out.

It’s shocking how thoughtless, and downright mean, people can be. I also had a supermarket episide: I was hobbling along with my cane and it was obvious I couldn’t move very fast. A woman got snippy with me when I didn’t move fast enough to suit her. I was SORELY tempted to smack her with my cane.

It just makes you shake your head.

I’ll be having my other hip replaced soon (I’ve already had one done) and when I’m up and around again, my goal is to do something to promote awareness of the needs of the handicapped and disabled. People THINK they are aware, but when it comes to day-to-day existance, they aren’t as aware as they think they are.

ETA: Roe Vs. Wade has nothing to do with it. People have been rude and insensitive before, during, and after Roe Vs. Wade.

Thanks so very much for this quote. I will remember it (of course I might have to write it down on my forehead for awhile first though so that I can see it every morning when I first wake up:o

God bless

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had to be on bedrest for a while. I was 26. The women in my family had this annual trip to the Mall of America that I did NOT want to miss. So, I used one of those scooters and got around that way. I could not believe the insensitivity of the people in that mall. People actually gave me dirty looks like I was too young to be in a scooter or something. There were staircases EVERYWHERE and people would crowd in front of me to get on the elevator. I had to wait for three elevators in a row to get on one time. Finally, I just had to say "I’m getting on first!"
I have always tried to be so courteous to people with any kind of disability realizing how difficult their day-to-day lives must be. Apparently, others have not been brought up with this idea. :frowning:
I pray that your daughter will find a way that suits her to deal with the insensitive people that she will no doubt encounter.
God Bless!

I have had to begin going to mass at another church because of some rude and thoughtless people. Most of the responses have been related to a more secular society, but when it happens in your parish it takes on another life.

We changed priests, as the previous pastor retired, and the new fellow is a traditionalist Catholic. He brought with him a large following of new parishoners. They follow him from parish assignment to parish assignment. Quicky they organized a Rosary for each mass that runs right up to the start of mass. As the parishoners gather and prepare for mass these folks are in the pews saying the Rosary. If I could get to mass before they begin I might be able to prepare myself, and my family, for mass. If my children take too long getting ready we may arrive in the middle of the Rosary. Quietly getting settled with small children in a church where sound carries is not the easiest. I cannot tell you how many dirty looks and shushes my family and I received. It was down right uncomfortable. All the masses were the same, because we tried them all. It was so disturbing for me and my family that we started going to mass at another parish.

I guess they finally got what they wanted, which was me and my family to stop interrupting their Rosary. I never in my life would have thought that saying the Rosary would be considered rude. I am certain it is not the Rosary, but those who chose to say it at a time and place where the community is gathering. I have to take my children to mass, and I can’t help that they are children. Folks should understand that, but not all do.

Their rudeness is in shushing your family and in giving you dirty looks. They are choosing to pray the Rosary at a time during which parishioners are arriving for Mass; they should simply continue to pray, and ignore the sounds around them.

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It goes way beyond that. These folks had an organized plan. They spread out to cover all the masses and work to make sure they are spaced throughout the church. With this type of organization and planning they have to have planned their attitudes also.

They are elitests and they meant to drive me and my family from their utopian worship. I can’t be the only person who has had to endure this type of bullying.

I had two choices, either conform to their desires, or leave. Eucharistic celebration is not an optional activity. During mass preparation is not the time to argue about who should be quiet, us or them. They have me between a rock and a hard place, and they know it. I backed down, and I resent being put in that position by people of prayer. That is what is rude.

i need to ask a question to u guys…

during the time that i was going through my difficult time, i decided one day to spend 9 hours in a vigil in the tabernacle of the church on a saturday… since i picked a time when none of the regular masses were going on, I was just dressed in a normal T-shirt and jeans.

little did i know that there was a a spanish ceremony and a wedding on that day… i was quietly sitting in the tabernacle and suddenly one of the organizers came in and told me that the people in the celebration were going to come in and me being there was spoiling it for them as they wanted to be videotaping …

i was shocked and after crying a little bit, i went out… i could not complete my 9 hour vigil…

do you guys think that was appropriate?? i thought Jesus did not care how we dressed when we came in front of HIM?

I’m speechless at this! :eek: This is dreadful!

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