Rugby football is "homophobic"

Take the time to read this sports news and ponder.

Nothing to ponder, at least not for a Catholic.

The catechism explicitly states that homosexuals are not to be discriminated against or treated unfairly or subjected to abuse or violence.

It is common knowledge that some, if not most, sports have undercurrents of homophobic abuse within them, and since sexuality is nothing whatsoever to do with one’s ability to kick a football or run 100 metres or shoot a hoop or any other sporting endeavour, such discrimination and/or abuse within sports is to be condemned always and everywhere.


Ponder what, exactly?! :confused:

I’m “blood-a-phobic” :slight_smile: I understand rugby can get a bit rough!:eek:

So…what are we supposed to cry over this? I was in the Marines and a guy in my unit was caught in a gay rights parade wearing his dress blues. They transfered him to another base to protect him from a most certain ***beating. He knew the law of the land and chose to do his own thing.

You want to openly defy God by living gay life you are gonna have it tough. Not to say people should mistreat each other but I don’t feel bad that a gay guy can’t have his boyfriend around while he plays pro.

:crying: There are a few tears for them! Don’t have any beer to cry into though, so I have to stop!:shrug::shrug:

Since no one is forced to play rugby let alone to join a particular team, this is a complete non-issue. If you are homosexual and don’t think you would be comfortable playing a certain sport on a certain team, move on. (nothing in the article came even close to describing homophobia)

My oh my, isn’t that callous?

You want to openly defy God by living gay life you are gonna have it tough.

What do you mean by tough? An ***beating by the hands of “godly” men/women? Interesting how much more we’re concerned with the sexual sin of a person than with those Christians who go around giving ***beatings as you call them to those suspected of sexual sin. Or in Russia and many other places, simply murdering them.

WWJD? Apparently, turn a blind eye to vicious acts done in His name.

I’m not suggesting it’s right but it is how it is. How is it any different than opposition to redefining what marriage is?

You are talking about groups of men and women who for the most part are not known to be acceptable to homosexuals. Along comes someone who wants to partake - all good there. Then they want to openly diplay a lifestyle that the majority of the group finds offensive. I mean if there are so many homosexuals in the world maybe they should start their own gay Rugby team. I’m being a little sarcastic here but my point is why does the rest of society need to accomodate what’s considered to be wrong?

What do I mean by having it tough? Come on now, have you never lived in sin? I confess I have and God was “tough” on me. Have you ever heard “I will set my face against thee”?

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