Rugged Rosaries Leather Scapular


They’ve stopped selling them now, but Rugged Rosaries used to sell an OLOMC scapular made of leather. I thought it had to be made of wool, so would these have been legitimate sacramentals?


Scapulars don’t have to be made of wool any more.

From the official Scapular Catechesis of the Carmelite order:

Does the Brown scapular have to be wool?

It did at one time, it no longer does. Few Carmelite Religious use pure wool for their habits, including their scapulars, anymore because of the expense and the impracticality.

(And please don’t even think about posting anything from Sisters of Carmel here. They are a schismatic group not in communion with Rome, and they post a lot of misinformation about the Scapular that everybody is constantly posting on here.)


Thanks for the info.

I remember hearing about the Sisters of Carmel but couldn’t remember the details. I thought there was a “real” SoC and a “fake” one.


Correct. However, they do need to be made of cloth because scapulars are by definition, a habit. I haven’t seen Carmelites going around in leather habits. Their scapulars are always cloth.


The leather scapulars, which are popular on some sites because they are durable, often include a piece of cloth backing, so technically you do have two pieces of brown cloth (the backing) permanently attached to two cords and you meet the requirements for the Scapular being “cloth”. It doesn’t matter that one side of the panels and the cords are leather.


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