Rule for taking communion in the hand?

Is there a church rule or other official requirement prescribing the correct way to bring the host to your mouth after receiving it in the hand?

A fellow parishioner told me I receive improperly because I don’t pick up the host with my fingers and take it to my mouth. I lower my head and raise the host cupped in my hands - as the priest placed it - to my mouth - I feel the host is more secure than if I picked it up with my fingers and put it in my mouth as I walk away.

USCCB’s The Reception of Holy Communion at Mass:

If Communion is received in the hand, the hands should first of all be clean. If one is right handed the left hand should rest upon the right. The host will then be laid in the palm of the left hand and then taken by the right hand to the mouth. If one is left-handed this is reversed. It is not appropriate to reach out with the fingers and take the host from the person distributing.

Technically the other person is correct. However, I don’t think the Church intends to impose a rigid standard in this regard. This appears to be a general rule of thumb and not an absolute rubric of action. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong in the manner you consume the host. After all, the most important aspect of receiving communion is not the strict motions of our hands but the disposition of our souls.

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