"Rule of Life" - what is it, how to do it

What is a “Rule of Life”, how do I develop one, and what should I put in it?

For me, my rule of life is based upon morals and ethics. It took me many years to really figure this one out but all you really have to do is stop and pay attention to what is good and just all around you. Everything you do should be for the good of those around you from working to worship and all thats in between. The biggest stumbling block I have found is learning to truly love “unconditionally.” Yes, that is a very tall order but it can be done and when you can center your life around all that is good, all that is just and love unconditionally then you have…

The rule of life! :thumbsup:

I’m looking for a “Rule of Life” in the technical sense used in Catholic spirituality, something you actually write down.

I’m not quite sure what your calling or whatever in life is, so this may be way off, but there’s a great book called “A Mother’s Rule of Life”, which looks at Rules of Life for monks/sisters and takes the principles and applies it to mothers… This is far more helpful if you’re a mother, of course, as she’s taken a lot of the thinking and guesswork out of it, having lots of things ready-made for you to customize, but the advice is applicable for everyone, I’m sure, ie the approach, the definitions, the way you create one and use it in your personal situation, etc… Maybe check it out?

-Maria :]

I dont think that there are any hard and fast rules for writing one’s own Rule of Life, perhaps some broad headings, however, that might be best covered. I rather like how St Francis opens his Rule of Life - i.e. that the Rule of Life is The Gospel of Jesus (or similar wording).

For a broad outline and some ideas, this may be helpful:

You might like also to have a look at the Rule of St Benedict for more ideas and hints that may appeal: http://rule.kansasmonks.org/

If you Google “Catholic - Rule of St Benedict” there are many good articles on the Rule available.

There are many different Rules that can be used as a guideline from religious traditions, and they are quite varied. The Rule lived by both Carmelite families, The Rule of St. Albert, is only 27 lines long. However, the Rule of St. Benedict is a whole book!

My advice to you is to discuss options with your spiritual director. A director can guide you much faster towards the Path that God wills you.

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