Rules for debating a sola scriptura Christian

Tell them that the Bible says that not everything Jesus ever said - is recorded…

It’s far more important to get to know Jesus’ Mind and Teachings.


I recall seeing some passages in the bible from pagan philosophers. I don’t remember which ones.

The Bible is a Catholic document.

The Bible is a Catholic document.

Yes. I agree. All I’m saying is that some passages appear to be paraphrasing from pagan philosophers of the 2 or 3000 years prior to the birth of Christ. Some appear to be directly borrowed. I suppose truth is truth no matter who says it.

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My post wasn’t directed at you but at sola scriptura Christians. Since the Scriptura is defined by the Catholic Church they must accept other definitions of the Church too.

Alternatively they can define scripture themselves - as Luther did - but that poses the question: By what authority?

They keep moving the goal post

For example I was recently talking to this person of ,“sola scriptura” mind set. She believes that the unborn child (fetus) is not a human being with a soul because, because the bible says, God has not yet breathed life into it’s nostrils. She said the fetus is not a person without God’s breath of life. in other words the fetus has not been born and has not taken it’s first breath. I told her that the word breath, in the bible, can mean breath or spirit.
She said," this is a Catholic interpretation."
Anyway she asked me, “is an egg a chicken?”
I said, “an egg is a chicken in potentia.” Of course this is not in the bible so, in her mind, I am discredited from the start.
She was trying to tell me that if a person is a car salesman when they could be a doctor that that person is not what God intended them to be. Again this is not a good analogy. She has changed the goal post again. I think she was trying to say that potential was not fulfilled. Based on what she was saying I think she kept changing the goal post by the use of accidents of the chicken’s current form of an egg to prove that an egg is not a chicken and logically asserting that a fetus is not a human person because the fetus does not breath until outside the womb.
I’m trying to, “slow down the fast ball” for her but she keeps representing form with accidents and other fallacies. I cut off the conversation because she is deliberately doing this for what ever reason. I don’t think she is aware of the distinctions that have to be made without the use of the bible.

Sounds of interest, and demands some specifics - for it to having any meaning in this discussion…

To the OP … and to those Protestants whose God almost seems to be The Bible…

Yes… The Bible is a very special OF GOD group of books.

People have achieved Salvation Before the Bible as we know it - came into Existence.

It behooves any… Both Protestants and Others - to know their Chronological History of the Bible
along with knowing whom we know that been Saved and how/why that occurred.

More important is to Obey God’s Command to Love Thy Neighbor in Action…


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Re: the “sola” part

The NT uses alone 32 times New Testament (32)

No time is scripture mentioned with alone.


Using scripture alone, as a theory, or a motive for argument, isn’t taught in the NT. Could one use it? sure. But scripture alone isn’t taught in the NT

Yes, we have been and are guilty of making an idol out of the Bible. I wonder if Catholics are ever guilty of idolatry as well, or is it solely a sin that Protestants are guilty of?

Amen and amen.

Sounds of interest, and demands some specifics - for it to having any meaning in this discussion…

This is complex and risky to list some of these. Some here may find this offensive. I never recorded any of the similarities that I discovered while studying mythology and pagan cultures. The references are difficult to find. I will list some as I recall them.
If you study the bible and mythology you will notice some similarities. One is the story of Noah. It has similarities to The Epic Of Gilgamesh.

Another is the Christmas and Easter celebration.

The travels of St. Paul were compared to Homer’s Odyssey. I’m not certain if the bible writers were inspired by Homer’s Odyssey? Maybe this is a more modern observation?

Here are some interesting parallels from the Osiris dynasty.
These were possibly taken from Egyptian sayings:
Jesus’ words, found in John 12:24

“Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit”

were taken from an Osirian doctrine that a dying man is like a corn of wheat “which falls into the earth in order to draw from its bosom a new life.”’ Jesus’ words, recorded in John 14:2,

In his processions, the god was preceded by a jar-bearer like the man with a jar of water who preceded Jesus in the Passover procession (Luke 22: 10).
This may have been a prophesy of the Mass we have today. It is hard to say for certain.
Over a period exceeding three thousand years, some half a billion Egyptians lived and died in devotion to Osiris; he was the beloved god of the people; and they had no conceivable hope higher than that they might in death become one with him in blissful immortality. They would become like their god in their death by becoming “one” with him [“in Osiris,” or “in Christ”] and this was accomplished ritually by partaking of the Osirian Eucharist where the devotee shared in the immortality of Osiris; an immortal God following his resurrection. We call this same ceremony the “mass today.”

There are at least a hundred quotes from the bible that appear similar to Greek philosophy. I found some in a library book.
Here are some of them.

There are many more throughout the bible.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if some do…

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