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Hi, I was thinking of posting in the prayer intentions forum. I noted a rule that one cannot include locations, although some people do include locations with impunity. Is it okay to include a location if it’s fairly vague and relevant to the request? E.g. the population of New York City is almost 9 million people and it is badly impacted by coronavirus. Or is it okay to mention someone lives in the UK if the point is to show that one’s concern is because the person is far away? Somebody is hardly likely to be identified just by saying they are in a country with over 66 million people. Obviously I could see that one would not specify a location that was very small, but NYC is larger than some entire countries!

I don’t remember that rule, but I think if you mention a big city, or a state or a country, it’s fine. I have seen that many times. Especially in prayer intentions of late.

It’s not like you are saying “please pray for my friend Jane in East Podunk, Iowa.” :wink:

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Rules against locations just means we should respect the privacy of individuals and not state their specific parish or town, or other identifying details about them.

Like if I want to pray for Fr. X at St. Y’s parish, I don’t say, “Please pray for Fr. X at St. Y’s Parish who is having personal problems and had to take a leave of absence”. I just say, “Please pray for a priest I know who is having personal problems and took a leave of absence.”

But if you want to pray for residents of a specific city that just had a disaster, like the people in Rome or the people in Zagreb, or if you want to say something like “Please pray for my friend M. who is stuck in northern Italy with possible coronavirus,” without giving enough information to identify the specific person, then that’s okay.


Okay, thanks. I did assume common sense would dictate that big locations are okay. “Please pray for my uncle who is a fisherman in Norway” etc., but not, “Please pray for my sister who is a waitress at Fat Fred’s Diner, Main Street, Littletown, Nebraska”.


I heard that’s a really good diner. :yum:


That’s how Fred got to be so fat.

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Just for a laugh I thought I’d see how many Fat Fred’s Diners there are using Google. A surprisingly large number, the alliteration and cozy working class sound of that name seems to have given rise to a lot of Fred’ Diner, Fat Freddy’s Diner and similar variations.


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