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  1. In the morning, on rising, she should thank the Lord, then make an offering of all that she is to do and to suffer during the day; then she shall say three " Hail Marys," that the Blessed Virgin may keep her under her protection during the day and preserve her from every sin.

  2. She should make mental prayer during half an hour, or at least a quarter of an hour, on the Passion of Jesus Christ or on the eternal truths, and this at the time and at the place most suitable for her either in the church or at home.

  3. She should hear Mass every time that she is able, and make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament, if not in the church, at least at home.

  4. In the evening she should make the examination of conscience with the Christian Acts, of faith, hope, charity, and contrition ; and before going to bed, she should again place herself under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, by saying three “Hail Marys.”

  5. She should receive Communion every Sunday, and oftener if she can, but always in accordance with the advice of her spiritual Father.

  6. In honor of Mary she should recite every day five decades of the Rosary ; she should fast every Saturday on bread and water, or as well as she can, and during the novenas of the seven feasts of the Blessed Virgin, according as the preacher may direct.

  7. She should try always to lead a retired life, avoid going to banquets, to festivals, and frequenting the houses of others, even of relatives. She should flee as from death the danger that is to her of joking and laughing with men ; if through necessity she must speak to them, she should do so in a few words and with her eyes cast down. She should never remain at the window or be seated at the door of the house [so as to be not seen by people], and should never sing profane songs.

  8. She should keep silence in the church and in the streets ; she should even keep silence for an hour when at home.

  9. She should dress modestly, wearing a garment of a dark color [so as to be not eye-catching] and a veil when she goes to church or walks the streets. She should wear neither gold nor jewels, nor any other object of vanity.

  10. She should avoid every venial sin committed wilfully, especially lies, imprecations, and acts of impatience. She should patiently bear sufferings, injuries, and all contradictions, and then say: My Jesus, may all be for Thee. Mary, my Mother, give me patience. May God sanctify me ! etc.

  11. She "should obey her confessor in all that regards her soul, and her parents in whatever regards the government of the house. I said: “The government of the house;” for if her parents wished to marry her by force, she would not be obliged to obey.

  12. At the death of any member who has frequented the exercises, all the others should offer up for her five Communions, and say the Rosary for her for a week.


And your point is?

By the way, you do realize that was written over 200 years ago. While the principles of modesty and piety are timeless, customs and practices do change.



What i would like to know is where did those sayings come from? did jesus say that himself or are they written by some one else in the bible if even in the bible??? also all the rules like not living together before marrage or no sleep overs even if it is compleatl harmless? did jesus say that him self or is that two written by some one else???


That passage comes from the writings of St. Alphonsus De Liguori. He lived a little over 200 years ago and is a doctor of the Church.

No, Jesus did not say those things. Jesus also did not specifically say, “Don’t run over your sister with your Jeep Wrangler 4x4,” but it can be reasonably deduced from what He did teach that doing so is in violation of God’s law.

By the same token, He did not say, “Don’t live together before marriage,” but His teachings and the teaching of both the Hebrew testament and rest of the new testament are pretty clear that we are to avoid sin and the near occasion, too.

Look at it another way, you might not get hurt sleeping on railroad tracks 99 times out of 100. Odd are however, if you continue doing so long enough, something bad will happen. Why take a needless chance?



Hi Paul, Welcome to the TC forum. Perhaps the point is, this being the Traditional Catholicism Forum, 7rosario thought it would be appropriate to post this. And it’s refreshing IMO, to see the topics 7rosario has brought to the forum these last few weeks.

Yes, customs do change, but what offended God at the time of Moses, still offends him today. So, why do you feel it neccessary to pooh pooh the OP ?

There are Catholics in todays world that are very devout, and truly see the need to remind their fellow Catholics that the snares of Satan are set all around us.

God Bless


My point is, to simply post something without context, question, or comment seems odd. I was asking the original poster what his/her point in doing so was. No “pooh pooh” intended.



Hmm, I thoroughly disagree with #7. Laughing and a sense of humor are things I value and I heartily agree with St. Teresa of Avila who once said, “God deliver me from gloomy saints”


It is called BAITING.

Drag up some obscure document or commentary that is irrelevant in today’s world and post it for others to wag their fingers and complain how the church has gone to heck in a handbasket since vatican two. :tsktsk:

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I don’t see how it’s irrelevant in today’s world. Many of the things it suggests are perfectly good and holy practices which are as appropriate today as when they were written, just as what the Bible says despite being at least 2000 years old or so (something like 10x older than the passage provided) is still very valuable and relevant to us today.

In fact a lot of them would be very worthwhile practices for anyone, married or unmarried and male or female.

I find it fascinating that you are the first, indeed the only person to have even mentioned VII on this thread. I realise it may be a particular obsession for you but could you possibly try to allow the thread to keep on topic.


Out of respect for the OP, and to avoid derailing the thread, my reply can be found on the Stricter moderation thread.


my question has been answered i just wnated to know if it is truly a sin to sleep with your partner before marrage… no not sex just cuddle and acually sleep i had a feeling it was ok, i guess in the long run it depends on how well your devoted to not sinning and stayign true to your beliefs,


Oh lookie, more rules. Our Church doesn’t have enough of those. Let’s have more, more, MORE!


That would be an excellent question to ask here…


Yeah, people just can’t handle “Love God and Love your neighbor”.


Actually, The post-VII Church has acknowledged the level of devotion some women have embraced.

What is the Consecration of a Virgin?

The Consecration of a Virgin is one of the oldest sacramentals in the Church, and one of the fruits of Vatican II was the restoration of this profound blessing on virgins living in the world. The promulgation of this restored Rite for laywomen was on 31 May 1970. Through this sacramental, the virgin, after renewing her promise of perpetual virginity to God, is set aside as a sacred person who belongs only to Christ.


That’s fascinating; thank you for sharing that. It seems like a very good idea for a woman who feels called to a particular closeness with Christ, but not necessarily to the religious life. Is there a similar process for men?



I’m not sure if there is a specific one for male laity. There are Third Orders of course, but I’ve not seen one that promotes lifelong celibacy as a specific vow.

It’s a good question though. Perhaps someone will chime in. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter where you post. What often goes on here is plain for all to see.

Posting some document or commentary that is largely unadhered to with no commentary of any kind by the OP is like lobbing a softball toward the incredible hulk with a 42 inch baseball bat.

This happens rather regularly here. OP’s meant to incite criticism and complaint.

Just another day at the ranch I suppose. :cool:


I think it may be possible for men to become consecrated hermits who live similar lives to consecrated virgins, outwith a religious order and under obedience to the Diocesan Bishop, I’m not entirely sure though.

So glad to hear someone answering posts on this board is omnipotent :rolleyes:. Do you realise how patently absurd your claims are or do you just type them in without thinking about them?

Posting documents/commentaries without added comment is a highly effective way of stimulating discussion without overly biasing it one way or another. It leaves it open for other respondents to discuss their view regarding it in much the same way as the Blog sponge does, for example.

If you have some worthwhile comments to make on topic put them forward, if on the other hand you only intend to make spurious allegations please stop this unnecessary diversion.


Exactly. And as I said above, 7rosario has never indicated anything in any post to support michelle’s assertion.

God Bless all here, I’m off to work, and late at that lol.

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