Rules of Meat Abstinence


Ok, this is a bit of an outside the box question, but I bite (and even eat) the skin of my lip sometimes, which, technically, could be considered flesh, and I, as a human, am technically an mammal. Would doing so then violate the rules of abstinence?

Thanks for the thoughts, all!


No. It wouldn’t.


C’mon man. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re ok. Maybe instead you should see it as something to be given up for lent altogether.


scruples , do you have any help for it


Really irresponsible advice for someone with scruples


Be at peace , @hawksnest23 , you are not breaking your abstinence by biting your lip or swallowing any of your skin .

The Church law on abstinence applies to meat we eat as food , as part of a meal .

If you suffer from scruples may you receive the healing you need . :pray:


No you aren’t breaking the Friday abstinence by doing this


Totally inappropriate and flagged


If real, the problem of scruples as represented by this original post is without a doubt a problem that requires serious psychiatric help. It is so bizarre that I have a hard time accepting it as anything but a troll’s post.


And mods have asked us to be charitable and flag it.


If it violated the rules of abstinence than it would also qualify for cannibalism. Not only cannibalism but self-cannibalism. It’s like murder vs suicide.

Disclaimer: the above is tongue in cheek so don’t take it seriously

It’s like chewing on your fingernails. I doubt if anyone would consider that a proper meal.


Seé your priest.



Anything with what I posted?


Not you, the OP.


I thought so but you replied to my post. I just wanted to make sure.


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