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Please read through IMPORTANT FORUM INFO: Please read! The rules governing this forum have been adjusted. The most important change is that the previous policy of restricting comparison of the Novus Ordo to the TLM (and the TLM to the Novus Ordo) has been lifted.

This will be allowed, but please keep in mind one important caveat:

You are allowed to express your opinion, but you must do so in a civil fashion and in accord with CAF’s general rules of conduct. The line to avoid crossing is when disagreement turns into disagreeableness.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Merci :slight_smile:

Darn; and that was JKirk’s favorite rule too.

Quick, we need to get a thread up comparing the Novus Ordo and TLM before he comes back :stuck_out_tongue:

Please avoid personal remarks. I’d like to leave this thread open for as long as possible so that all of the TC members will be able to see it easily and read it, but that won’t be possible unless charity is maintained.

Thanks for your cooperation.

I am on it!!!:slight_smile:

I am grieved. I think that this will have the effect of negating the Holy Father’s desire that the two forms should co-exist peacefully. Further, because I believe that this will be the occasion for heaping scorn and derision on the OF, which was what brought me into the Church and nurtured my growth in faith in Christ and in Holy Mother Church, I will no longer be participating in these fora. I feel that to do so would only present for me very near occasions of sin.

God bless Holy Mother Church. God bless Pope Benedict. God bless all those here at Catholic Answers.

JK, I hope you won’t go. The ordinary rite, as you have noted, is one with which the majority of us are most familiar, with which we have spent a great deal of our lives, which has marked for us milestones of births and deaths, marriages, confirmations, baptisms, and eucharists. . .a rite which for many is a daily joy, which has brought countless millions closer to Christ, the rite in which we have received Christ into our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls for nearly 40 years. Any individual difficulties are not with the rite itself as it was intended to be, after all. Much as I rejoice at the idea of the Latin Mass being more available for those of us who love it AS WELL–I certainly rejoice that the ordinary rite is there for all those who find such blessing and spiritual nourishment in IT.

For the benifit and information of everyone, here is a comparison chart of the Ordinary of the 1962 Missal and the Novus Ordo Missal-

That was an interesting comparrison. I grew up in the Episcopal Church. At least exteriorly, the episcopal service and the new mass are identical. Are you aware of a website that compares the prayers of the new mass, side by side, with the episcopal service?

There are differant Anglican/Episcopalian services. Some identical to the Novus Ordo, others are quite similar to the Tridentine.

I’m not sure if such a comparison chart exists.


How about you just avoid the Traditional Catholic thread? I intend to do so. I’ve been avoiding the “veil” thingie for almost a month, and kept active in other threads.

I for one will take Benedict XVI at his word and look upon each form as having both something to offer the other form, and having something to gain from the other form.

Mr. PeC, that was not called for!!!:mad:

Get a life!

:whistle: :tsktsk:

Perhaps people can start dropping the terms “Novus Ordo” and TLM/Tridentine Mass for good. Pope Benedict has coined two fine terms for both types of Masses: the Ordinary Form or Use (1970/2000 Misssal) and Extraordinary Form or Use (1962 Missal). Both older terms, but especially Novus Ordo carry baggage best shed.

Not likely. There was a thread in regards to that. The general consensus is that the terms"Ordinary Use" and “Extraordinary Use” are too bulky and technical, not to mention unfamilar, to most people. While I personally prefer the more explanatory, and technically correct, “Gregorian Use” and “Pauline Use”, people are much more comfortable with the old terminology of “Novus Ordo” and “Tridentine” or “Traditional Latin Mass”, though the latter is not exactly wrong.

You mean to say you don’t even want to look at the two side by side and examine them together charitably? What’s wrong with that???


A very big mistake as far as I’m concerned. When I 1st. came to CAF, I called myself a Traditional Catholic and was praying for the return of the TLM but, not any longer! I have watched and stayed active in this sub forum since it’s beginning and a few have come and gone and a few are members who have nothing better to do than trash the Novus Ordo but, yet even worst, you few are trashing our Holy Father and Holy John Paul II. If that’s what it takes to be a Traditionalist, then I’m not even a Catholic!

The death of John Paul II brought me back to the Church after 30 + years away. I cried like a baby upon learning of his death. The same few rather than pray for his canonization to Sainthood condemn him to hell, **YES, RIGHT ON THIS FORUM!!! **
One thing for sure, if I go to hell I won’t be alone.
I was a 4th. Degree K of C when we lost the TLM & because of that I remained in the Church. But, then I realized I was telling people I was a Catholic because of being a Knight when I should have been saying I was a Knight because I was a Catholic & that is when I stopped going to Church. I never ever denounced my religion or my belief in the Apostle’s Creed! Yes, that’s what the change did to me & many other Knights!

I’m not that smart when it comes to schooling and has trouble expressing myself but, I’m not stupid. It’s just flat wrong when these few with their slick and cunning ways sneak into a thread and turn it into another blaspheme on our Holy Father & JP II.

There is not another person alive who **loved our Lady of **Fatima as much as John Paul did! How dare you call him a liar and a heretic by throwing up an unfaithful priest, Guner and his ridicules website ( as for prove of everything you have posted.

JKirk, being a convert, you are truly affecting his faith in the Catholic Church. Neither I nor you would ever be the MAN he is!

So, YES, I see this, opening this forum up for comparing the OF & the TLM, is one big mistake because of these few.

**Just read this one thread to see what is happening!!!
Wake up & smell the roses, the ROSES of Our Lady of Fatima!

May God have mercy on us all!

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