Rumors about a non-existant relationship


While I am at college my roommate has been spreading rumors that I am in a relationship with a girl and my parents are starting to believe them. The reason is that i do not tend to talk very much with my parents or anyone else.


Are you engaging in behaviors that could lead to scandal such as being alone in either dorm room with the door closed or going out one on one a lot. This could cause your roommate to be suspicious. If it is a friendship and you are only seeing this girl in public tell your parents you are just friends and all your socializing is in public. If you are being accused of sexual sin then first look at your own behavior and see if it has lent itself to the sin of scandal and have a frank talk with your parents about your roommate's reasons for telling them about these rumors. Also, make sure you have a frank talk with your roommate about the nature of the relationship with the girl so that she does not get a reputation she does not deserve.


I guess i was not clear enough in my first post. To clarify, I am not seeing this girl at all.


[quote="kevstar31, post:3, topic:219291"]
I guess i was not clear enough in my first post. To clarify, I am not seeing this girl at all.


I understand - but are you friends and are you spending any time alone with her AS A FRIEND?? "Seeing" has different definitions and connotations so to me that means dating not hanging out with. :)


No, I am not spending anytime alone with her.


You need to have a talk with your roomate, rapidly. There is NEVER an excuse for spreading rumors, and you need to tell him you simply will not tolerate this.

The bigger question is why did he start them in the first place? A person generally won't just start rumors without a reason to do so...


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