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I was working out a solution to a moral issue. I was concerned that not carrying out a certain action would be mortally sinful but that carrying it out would cause hurt to others. I’ve since realized the flawed reasoning behind this and at the time had decided that I could talk to a priest for advice and I felt that any good priest would support my decision in this area. Ive since realized there was no commitment anyhow.

However during my rumination I realized and actually said to myself that i’d no intention of carrying out the action. In reality I was just voicing my conscience. I may have worried about the consequences of mortal sin but then decided to talk to a priest as I felt any good priest would agree with my decision not to carry out the action in this circumstance.

I felt I came to a moral decision but am worrying if I could have sinned mortally during the rumination process is going

THINKING about mortal sin is not COMMITING moral sin. You have to actually DO it.

no hold on just a minute. if i think about having sex with a woman other than my wife, that is not a mortal sin? what have i been going to confession for?:confused:

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