Runner Suffers Stroke From Birth Control Pills?


Strokes are common but no one takes about this…

Flashes of memory come to Trish Timothy now when she’s running down that road near her house.

She remembers falling off the right side of the road. Then she finds herself near a tree on the left side, not knowing how she got there. Her vision is distorted, unfocused. Things look too big, then too far away, like she’s looking through the wrong side of a lens.

“My neighbor was running in the opposite direction, and I couldn’t speak,” says Timothy, a project manager for a commercial contractor. "I thought, ‘Oh, God, this is bad.’ "

It was.

She was in great shape, training for a half-marathon two weeks later in San Francisco – and as far as she knew, she was in great health, too.

But on Oct. 9, at age 47, Trish Timothy suffered a stroke.


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Despite the fact that she’s undergone a battery of tests in the months since, doctors haven’t been able to pinpoint what caused her stroke. But Timothy has a theory: Because of her upcoming half-marathon, she’d just gone on birth control pills to stop her period.

Even so, she says: “No test will say that’s what caused it.”

One side effect of taking estrogen is increased risk of stroke. This should be listed on all the package inserts. I am not sure if doctors warn their patients.

From the article it sounds as if she wasn’t on estrogen for very long. I think this kind of throws doubt on BCPs as the culprit since it would take time for the risk to build up.

There are other possible causes, such as chronic dehydration for an athlete in training or acute dehydration while running a marathon. I guess her doctors couldn’t pinpoint a cause.


Why would she need to stop her period to do a 1/2 marathon? In all my years of running I’ve never heard of that.


In the US, there are about 2 million cases each year for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. There are 200,000 deaths yearly, not a small number.

Many of these may be older people yet my concern is why we don’t do regular reporting and autopsies after death on young patients who are female. They will probably say the cost of doing autopsies would cost too much.

My medical insurance coverage already cost about ten thousands dollars a year. We pay one-third of that cost.

Here is an article stating they don’t do autopsies anymore…

Here is a number of sites on embolism…


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