Running of the bulls immoral?


Participation in this event involves a certain level of risk. Although there have only been 15 deaths associated with this event since 1915, there have been countless injuries. I admit that even 1 death is one too many, but given the madness of running with the bulls, its a minor miracle there haven't been more deaths. Are those that participate in this event committing mortal sin? After all, they are risking death and injury (not unlikely) in this mindless event


You are also risking death and injury getting into a motor vehicle, living involves risks, you just have to weigh up the risks and benefits. I think running with the bulls is mad, but very much doubt it’s a mortal sin.


In the context of your question, I don’t believe that simply running in front of a bull is immoral, per se, so I don’t see how the the runner is committing sin just by doing so.
That being said, I DO believe that bullfighting is immoral, and insofar as the running of the bulls is a prelude to that senseless cruelty, then yes, the running of the bulls is immoral.


The running of the bulls, in my opinion, isn’t immoral, it’s insane!


It is something I have always wanted to do, insane yes, immoral?



Yep…it’s not a sin to be stupid.


My daddy has a saying, "if you wanna be dumb, you gotta be tough." I think that totally applies to running with the bulls.


It is cruelty more than anything else and just plain stupidity,
however there is nothing immoral about it.


Is cruelty not immoral?

I think running of the bulls is both insane and immoral. Participating in the torture of animals is not an acceptable practice. Torturing animals merely for the sake of entertainment is not acceptable. Deliberately putting self in danger of injury or even death while torturing panicked animals for the sake of entertainment is also not acceptable.


Only if one is gored


"Running of the Bulls: A Festival Worth Fleeing From
...Bulls can do nothing to demand justice. They can only defend themselves as best they can in a fight with a pre-determined ending and die never knowing why they were forced to endure such a painful and prolonged death. It's up to us, as a civilized society, to call for an end to the Running of the Bulls and bullfighting."

Blue excerpt from:

Running of the Bulls: A Festival Worth Fleeing From


I am with you on this one.


Opinion: Definitely immoral, I'd say. It's a complete disregard for animal life and welfare for, what? A game? It's irresponsible and reckless. Just in another topic people argued that cigarettes were immoral because they can kill. So, too, can bulls! You put your family and friends in jeopardy when you risk your own life for laughs or fun. It seems a bit dissonant to say this is a "just for goofs" activity and that smoking or masturbating will send you straight to Hell.

If these are an offense to God, how much more the reckless and stupid usage of the gift of life that He has given us? If you gave me a gift and I immediately used it recklessly without regards to its value, would you not be offended?


Actually, you don't know the origin of bullfighting, I think. They actually exorcise demons into the bulls, which the bullfighter then fights to its death, as a means of delivering the people from demons.

This is no joke. It is not a sport either, in reality. Look up this history and origin of bullfighting yourself and you can see that there is a religious/spiritual element and purpose behind it.

As far as the running of the bulls, I haven't looked it up, but I would look it up before condemning it.


I can't find any information about exorcising demons into bulls for a bullfight.

And even so, I doubt superstitious beliefs are going to hold water before the eyes of God.


Life kills, is it a mortal sin to live? It is certain that every man who lives will die. The mortality rate is 100%. And we know that those that don't live won't die. So, since life kills so many people, is it a mortal sin to participate in life?


Prometheus was also chained to a mountain for giving man fire. No joke. It’s the truth.


Of course it's not a mortal sin to live, nor is it to drive. But walking down paths like that opens up doors like, "if they were going to die anyway in twenty years, is it a problem I shot them?" There's a difference between acceptable and to some degree necessary risks like driving, and running from a bull.

I perhaps made my opposition a bit strong, stronger than it really is, mostly because I find myself very much struggling with petty things that I find, in my own eyes of course, not to be very harmful, and to find those things to be mortal sin, when at the same time ridiculous and stupid actions that seem very much more harmful get a slap on the wrist.

Is it right of me to overreact just because of my frustration, my imperfect understanding? No. But it is rather a bit human of me. I was just venting. Better now.


Society is too tame, and we are too tamed by our society.

Running with the bulls, like other "risky" activities actually increases a person's sense of freedom.

At least the runners get to see where steak comes from up close and personal, on the hoof, so to speak, rather than in the meat section of the local grocery store.

At least the bulls get a run, and chance to get even.

If we keep avoiding risky behaviour then instead of running with the bulls we'll be psychologically castrated and herded like cattle.


Photo bombing bull. I hope this is real.

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