Rush Limbaugh - most effective pro-life voice in America

Rush Limbaugh is the most effective pro-life voice in America. He has passionately and effectively done more to defend the unborn than anyone else in America.

I would argue that Sean Hannity is a big voice for the pro-life movement as well… Frequent guests of his radio show include Pat J Buchannan and Alan Keys. Almost each time they are on his show there is at least a passing mention of the protection of all life, and in more cases, that is the whole reason that they are there. Sean himself has given at least one speech about the only innocent in this country he was really interested (I believe that this response to some people protesting against terrorists being held at Gitmo) in defending were the ones that could not defend themselves. I believe that he is a Catholic, though he disagrees about artificial birth control… One could do worse, and I pray for his conversion in regards to that moral issue. I applaud his firm and loud voice in regards to the unborn.


Rush has Always been pro-life and a strong voice for life but I voted no in the poll because he isn’t the most effective. I would say he is among the most effective voices for Pro-Life. Sean Hannity, & most conservatives, Fr. Corapi & most priests, etc. are also very pro-life.

Maybe 20 years ago he was…not anymore

Rush raised himself a few notches in my opinion today. During his monologue on Sotomayor possibly being a closet pro-lifer, he sounded very genuine in his respect for life, agreeing to look past all her other far left qualities to accept her if she were pro-life. He also intimated pro-life was a pre-eminant issue for him and he sounded very sincere. Before I would have been more likely to dismiss pro-life as something he supports more for political reasons but he was more devoted than that this time. That said, he is not the most effective. Sarah Palin is the torchbearer now. The Evansville speech affirmed it and her immediate statements regarding the recent shootings cemented it.

Don’t understand your response. Please expand your thought.

While I’m a big supporter of Mr Limbaugh, I don’t think he’s the most effective voice in America. He’s certainly one of the few.

Well, let me put it this way: he COULD be the most effective pro-life voice in America but he’s shown over the years that there is always something more important – be it Bush’s war on terror, invading Iraq, torturing hapless detainees, or touting a predatory capitalist economy. If he spent half the time talking about abortion from 2001-2006 (when Republicans had near total control of the Federal establishment) that he spent touting Bush’s war, who knows how much more progress we’d have on abortion.

MegaDitto’s gnjsdad. The dragging of the support for John McCain by Limbaugh harmed the GOP ticket in an election that needed every solitary vote against the Obama tide. Yet, on the abortion issue - McCain had a solid pro-life record. If Limbaugh was CONSISTENT in his pro-life stance it would have been demonstrated in his support for McCain during the time it was demonstrably needed. So, this talk of supporting Judge Sotomayor solely based on her possible pro-life stance is suspect.

IMO Limbaugh is an entertainer with a very loud voice that has far too much influence in our political discourse. I think much more highly of his brother David. Limbaugh’s pro-life credentials IMO are weak; but being in the position he has garnered with the American public - he’s still is a position to have influence. Unfortunately, his support comes with all the baggage that is Rush Limbaugh.


That is interesting. I don’t listen to Limbaugh regularly, but I have respect for his treatment of McCain. Would I have liked him to support McCain more? Sure, because I supported McCain. But, I think he was genuine in his comments, and that is more important. I find it funny that some people will basically accuse him of being a shill for the Republican Party, while others criticize him for not supporting the Republican Party enough. :shrug:

But Mccain is a moderate so he is unacceptable to me. He is ok with abortion in cases of rape and incest and I thought he was in favor of embryonic stem cell research. Rush knows that when the right turns moderate it is a terrible problem. Rush wanted a different nominee, and so did I.

The most effective pro-life voices in America are people who speak with their deeds when they work to provide women with alternatives to abortion one baby at a time. For all the sound and fury, abortion remains legal. This battle is not fought in the media. It is fought in the trenches by people who, in faithfulness to their Heavenly Father seek to save individual babies everyday. The victory over abortion will not come from talking heads. It will come organically from the bottom up when people motivated by love and service bring about a tipping point in the hearts of America through their example. Abortion must be made unfashionable and unacceptable in the American psyche. Then things will change.


I think we do not face and either/or situation concerning abortion (i.e. bottom- up vs top-down). I think it will be a both/and; the default Catholic position. Proper leadership needs to be provided AND great support from those of us in the general population.


And we got that different nominee with Obama. “Conservative” isn’t an automatic good. And, in some of the issues where McCain had a more moderate voice - e.g. immigration - he was actually more in line with Catholic social teaching than the “close the border” conservatives. Certainly, ecomonically McCain was more moderate – however, I think it was lack of some oversight and lack of regulation that is “partially” responsible for our current economic woes. IMV Obama is totally over the top and trying to pattern the U.S. like the social democracies in Europe. I think it was Bush 43’s “conservatism” that lay the groundwork for the entrance of the Obama presidency. The current disaray of the GOP is because at present there is no one with a clear vision of what “conservatism” should stand for. At present there are a lot of voices trying to find that voice but to date none has come to the forefront. (I’m personally am a Jack Kemp conservative). And, for me, Rush just doesn’t resonate.


Rush is a conservative first, and at this time a Republican second. He has been a very articulate voice for pro-life, but he is not a one-issue commentator.

… and as a conservative first … he gets some issues worng.


I am a little disheartened to see this thread venturing into political discussion beyond the point of the post, of course with the obligatory liberal vs. conservative debate. I guess when Rush is part of the discussion that’s inevitable, though.

Focusing on the voice for pro-life, he is once again being a very strong proponent his afternoon. He has asserted the sanctity of life is fundamental and that without it all the rest of our values are devalued. Again, he reitereated his opinion that if he were reasonably assured that Sotomayor were pro-life, he would support her nomination, despite some grave reservations he has on other aspects of her character. That’s big because in voicing that opinion and also saying he feels it’s more likely she is pro-life - he’s really putting himself on the line with this. At this moment in time, he is a major voice.


Rush is a caricature of the pro-life community as a whole.

If anything, he repells the general populace against the pro-life cause rather than attracts them to it. His show is all self righteous indignation, scapegoating and no charity. He reminds me of the Pharisees.

I hope you are speaking for yourself. With the number of listeners he has, I dare say it is a stretch to say he repells “the general populace”. But then of course, the general populace elected the most pro-abortion president in history.

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