Rush Limbaugh Says Coronavirus Is Becoming Like Climate Change: ‘Every Day We Get Some New Scare Tactic’

OK, name ten who are currently involved in US politics. Among your ‘tons’.

I didn’t say they were involved in US politics. But when you said who revered Stalin I felt it necessary to point out he wasn’t viewed as a bad guy since day one.

The statement was that Democrats " revere “controllers” life Mao, Che, Stalin, and others." Can you shed any light on that? Do you believe that or consider it an overstatement?

Is it necessary to say that, as opposed to “well yes they did but I meant as far as US politicians go”?

Is it necessary to deal with the subject? Yes.

So a combative, argumentative tone is your go to? Okay.

I’m not answering your question.

90,000 deaths in the course of two months is a catastrophe.

It just is.

One family I know grandmother and grandfather both infected. Grandfather died, grandmother survived weakened to the point of being immobile and requiring a wheelchair. This is a couple that went dancing every weekend.

Two of their children contracted coronavirus as well. Both with pneumonia.

Two grandchildren, they were the ones with the “colds”. One had a “cold” so severe he lost 20 pounds. These are athletic teens.

No funeral masses, the grandfather who died, died with no loved ones at his side.


With respect, that sounds very thin.

oh the irony,…

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Irony or not. The Ice Age stuff was taught in the schools.

It appears more Russians approve of Stalin than do not.

No mass lockdown policies in 1957. Which is the closest analogue at this point to this year’s death toll. Not even in 1918. Which by any measurement was far worse than this year. The economies in both cases dropped, but nothing anywhere near like this year. No mass vaccination available in either case.

You can argue that any way you want but those are the facts about 2020 vs 1957 vs 1918. They didn’t shut down the economy in 1957 and they didn’t shut down the economy in 1918. What part of that is not understood?

Further, the lockdown policy wasn’t even dreamed up until 2006 by a couple of scientists who were not epidemiologists. As it evolved through the policy formation pipeline during the Bush and Obama Administrations, it was actually opposed by many epidemiologists and now we can see why. The level of wreckage of the economy was not something we had to go through in 1957-58 or even 1918-19.

The evidence now in makes it abundantly clear that the highest risk is with residents in long term care facilities which make up nearly half of those 100k deaths. So in all likelihood, we probably ended up pulling the deaths of these residents forward by a few months for those who would have died soon anyway. For the rest of us, it’s a very bad flu year and that’s it. But we trashed the economy worse than we’ve ever trashed it for that?

Yet we’re still getting “scare” stories.

Those spring breakers in FL in mid-March were supposed to seed disaster outbreaks everywhere. Whatever happened to that?

That CPAC event in FL in early March where a Covid-19 infected and sick person came in contact with hundreds of attendees. Whatever happened to that?

The studies of the Grand Princess cruise ship off Yokohama, the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier, that Antarctic ship, all closed environments in which the spread was studied and papers written. Whatever happened to the rationality that should have come from those studies?

That hundreds if not thousands of hospitals in the US have never found themselves filled up with Covid-19 patients yet we were told in the beginning that’s what the lockdowns were all about.

That Stanford professor Ioannides(sp?) had the closest prediction back in March to the latest report from the CDC. But no one wants to talk about that.

Interesting that no “scare” stories are appearing about those protesters spreading Covid-19 among themselves, are there? Link here if you find them.

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Take away all nursing home deaths and the U.S. mortality rate still looks bad among 140 countries. Why are you throwing them out?

He has “The Core”,

Because we call them deaths but they are salad. And Covid’s the flu. And name something and say ,“fake”

Zzyzx_Road . . .

Yet we’re still getting “scare” stories.

You are right.

And I am glad to hear even from many leftists I know personally, they aren’t even buying it anymore.

I was glad to see even Europe opening up some of their travel restrictions.

I am seeing kids outside again, birthday parties, barbecues, swimming pools opening up, etc.

The (s)news media reporting seemingly every person who gets corona virus has grown very old and many of the news consumers even among the leftists, have grown “corona fatigue” and are not buying the chicken-little hype anymore.

(For readers here. Just keep the leftist leadership mindset in mind regarding the whole global warming play, because a lot of wealthy people have a lot invested in that game, and want their returns, thus that partial-spoof isn’t going away so soon. You being informed that the planet isn’t cooking away is your best defense.)

For thinking people, read as much as you can about the 1918 pandemic. When you look at death, look also at the national practices and what they learned.
There are reasons it took 1/3 of the population.
You cannot will reality away, or that the world conform to your rose colored glasses.

Maximus1 on the pre-antibiotic pre-modern medicine era 1918 flu pandemic when many people already had underlying TB and breathed much particulate matter in their homes (fire heating) . . . .

There are reasons it took 1/3 of the population.

This is just great Maximus1.

I want to see your prediction as to how long it will take before a third of the world’s population will be gone.

And after that comes and goes without your implied prediction coming true, I am going to trot out your (wrong) prediction, and re-post it here on CAF (God willing).

As of today, 100k+ total deaths. Just put “coronavirus” into any search engine and you will get that when you click on statistics.

From this page at Kaiser Family Foundation and scrolling down that page to find the table that reports on long term facilities cases and deaths, one gets about 39k deaths for residents. But that only represents the states that are publicly breaking this data out. Eleven states don’t: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota and Vermont. Then the 43% figure is calculated only on deaths from those 39 states.

So to get a good calculation for all 50 states, one can use the 43% number and subtract that from the 50 state total of 100k. Or about 43k deaths in long term care facilities. Which leaves 57k deaths for literally everyone else, the 98.3% of our population not in long term care facilities.

Those 57k deaths for the rest of us are not nothing. But they are also not the disaster they’ve been made out to be. That represents not much more than a bad flu year. In 1957, we had 100k deaths in a population of about 205m. So we would have to get to 160k total deaths just to equal the per capita death toll in 1957. And while this has happened in fewer months than normally constitute a flu season, it is still not a death toll worth wrecking the economy.

There was no effective vaccine in 1957 and they did NOT shut the economy down. Neither did they shut the economy down in 1918. There was no need to do it this year, we just needed to do a better job protecting the long term care facilities than we did in order to keep THEM from overloading our hospitals.

I’m not making up facts from some alt news site or some dodgy conspiracy site, I’m pulling them straight out of the first item returned at Google for “coronavirus” and from the report at Kaiser Family Foundation. Make whatever arguments you want, but you will have to start with those numbers.


Myself on the corona scare story fatigue . . .

And I am glad to hear even from many leftists I know personally, they aren’t even buying it anymore.

I was glad to see even Europe opening up some of their travel restrictions.

I am hoping some of my more leftist friends and family just go all the way and vote for Trump this election too.

They are fed up. Hopefully they are fed-up enough to repudiate the leftist pro-abort leadership.

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