Russia accuses Turkey of preparing to invade Syria


Russia on Thursday accused Turkey of actively preparing to invade Syria, saying it had spotted troops and military equipment on the border with the war-torn country.

“We have serious grounds to suspect Turkey is in intensive preparations for an armed invasion of the territory of a sovereign state - the Syrian Arab Republic,” the defense ministry said in a


Maybe the Turks are getting desperate after this

                                           A monitoring group said more than 500 targets were hit from the air by Syrian and presumably also Russian warplanes during this week's government offensive which captured strategic areas north of Aleppo.[](


Even more confused now, re: Syria’s fight-club.

If Turkey did do this, who would they be fighting - ISIS, Syrians, Kurds, or one of the other numerous fighters in the club?

The only legal countries fighting in Syria, by ‘International Law’, are Russia and Iran, as they were invited, by Assad, the sovereign and legal leader of Syria.

So what does this mean?:confused:


" Russia accuses Turkey of preparing to invade Syria"

Then, they probably are not!


This can’t be good.:takeoff:


is anyone really surprised that this might escalate into something really big? I hope things calm down.


Turkey’s denying it


The fight club just keeps getting bigger - Ukraine now to join in the fray. :confused:

Ukraine plans to join fight against Isis means troops could come up against Russian forces in Syria
Any troop deployment into Syria would be controversial in Kiev, not to mention in Europe


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Russia says it is ready to include Kurdish forces in the Baghdad joint operations room. Should I say that Turkey will be pissed?

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Of course it’s not.

I wonder if Putin and his worldwide fan club have considered that the Turks might be reacting to the Russian presence itself there?



I thought the one rule of fight club … oh nevermind.


:smiley: Seems that rule was broken…


That cartoon looks awfully familiar.




Mind you, it seems to be true!


Wish I knew the full politics of this, but I doubt I do.

Turkey has always been solicitous of the Turkmen outside Turkey, including in Iraq and Syria. Russia has been bombing them, which can’t be very popular in Turkey or with Erdogan.

And Iran and Turkey have been enemies since the Middle Ages. Assad is an Iranian pawn. Turkey shares a lot of border with Syria and can’t view the potential of Iran and Russia taking over the whole. There has never been any love lost between Russia and Turkey. One does remember that the Crimean Tatars are a Turkic people. Russia, of course, is allied with Armenia against the Turkic Azeris. Turkey has reason to be concerned about Russian/Iranian forces on their borders.

But I doubt Turkey is preparing to invade Syria now. Remember that Erdogan promised to fight ISIS on the ground if the U.S. would establish a “no fly zone” over the Turks’ heads? Could have been the real strategy was to keep Iran pushed away from Turkey. It might have happened then, but with Russia there, I expect the notion has been abandoned. If Erdogan was concerned about Assad’s air force, he would be far more concerned about Russia’s.



No political cartoons please


I didn’t even know he was still alive!


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