Russia angry as Poland erases Communist past


Poland’s plans to demolish around 500 Soviet-era monuments have angered Russia, according to media reports, further damaging relations between the former Soviet satellite state and the country.


Russia shouldn’t be angry. They rejected their communist past themselves. They should be supporting Poland’s transition into conservatism.


If you do not like America, you could always move to Poland. People usually say that the those who supposedly want more socialism to move to Cuba or North Korea. Maybe that should be a plan if Hillary Clinton nominates a socialist Supreme Court Justice.

Why should Russia support Poland, if NATO plans to use them as strategically in a plot to contain Russia?


Russia and Poland both rejected communism.


Probably Russia doesn’t care so much about the monuments to communism as it does the fact that it would like to keep Poland within the Russian sphere of influence.


No, Russia does not want to be encircled by NATO. Imagine if, for instance, Mexico and Canada were part of the Warsaw Pact.


These are largely monuments to soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War, that is why Russia is so angry. My late grandfather-in-law served in that era in the Soviet forces as did his wife so I find it quite insulting even though I am not Russian at all. It is a slap in the face to millions of Soviet soldiers who gave their lives.


What if Poland no longer agrees with fighting for a communist state?


it was not about fighting for a Communist state it was about fighting for survival .


Why should Russia even care, were it not that they admire a past in which Poland (at least in part) was part of Russia?


Russia never “rejected the Communist past”. Nostalgia for that past is on its peak in modern Russia. This, of course, has nothing to do about ideology - this is about the long for “Lost Greatness”.


Warsaw Rising of 1944. Just read.



Fair enough, as the Republic of Ireland where I come from has not been part of the UK for many years now I suggest we knock down all memorials put up to British war dead. I am sure the British will regard this with total indifferent and won’t be the slightest bit annoyed.

Russia cares because this was a fight in which millions upon millions of Russian and other Soviet servicemen and women died (as did millions of civilians.

For every Russian it is a very real thing way in which I as a non Russian can only get a faint glimmering of.


I know all about it, I even encountered survivors here in London growing up of both the Warsaw Uprisings and met Marek Edelman when he visited London who was involved in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and who was a personal hero of mine.


Why should Poland feel obligated to keep monuments celebrating an occupying army? Would France maintain monuments to Nazi Germany?


I could also phrase that in terms about Iran wanting to rid of self of the legacy of the Shah when it was just a puppet of the West. In that sense, one should not mind Iranian “death to America” slogans.


Our Lady of Czestochowa, pray for your beloved Poland. God bless their decision.


I couldn’t care less about what Iran does


Thank you.

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