Russia at AIDS epidemic tipping point as HIV cases pass 1 million - official


** Russia at AIDS epidemic tipping point as HIV cases pass 1 million - official**

Russia’s AIDS epidemic is at a dangerous tipping point after the number of people registered HIV-positive passed the 1 million mark, the country’s top AIDS specialist said on Thursday, warning the rate of infection had reached record levels.

Russia registered its millionth HIV-positive patient – a 26-year-old woman in the south of the country – on Wednesday, Vadim Pokrovsky, the head of the federal AIDS centre, told Reuters in a phone interview.

But he said the real number of HIV-positive Russians could be as high as 1.5 million, or 1 percent of the population, based on his and other expert estimates.

“The epidemic is gathering strength. Unfortunately the measures that have been taken have clearly not been enough,” Pokrovsky said.

He warned that Russia was “on the threshold” of moving from a concentrated epidemic, where HIV is highly prevalent in one subset of the population, to a generalised epidemic, where HIV rates among the general population are sufficient for sexual networking to drive new infections.

“We’re in a transitional phase,” he said.

AIDS, which stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Pokrovsky said 204,000 people had died of HIV in Russia since the first case was recorded in 1987. He expected the number of new cases in 2015 to be at least 93,000, up from just under 90,000 in 2014.

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Pokrovsky also revealed some alarming figures specific to certain populations. Nearly 10 percent of the country’s homosexual people and almost 20 percent of the country’s drug users are HIV-positive. In at least 10 regions, HIV has prevailed for over a year in more than 1 percent of the population. 40 percent of the cases have been linked to heterosexual sex and 55-60 percent to drug use. However, homosexual sex accounted for only about 1.5 percent, reports Reuters.

Interestingly, this article reports very few of these cases are because of homosexual sex, only 1.5%.


Not really surprising. Here in Africa the vast majority of HIV-AIDS sufferers are heterosexual (almost 90%). Women are also more likely to contract the disease than men. This is generally due to promiscuity (not saying promiscuous people deserve to get AIDS-they don’t-but they are more at risk) especially among truck drivers, policemen, soldiers and school teachers. On the last point underage sex between teachers and pupils is a massive problem here in South Africa , and this is made worse by our Child grant system, wherein the government pays a grant to mothers based on how many children the have. This has inspired record numbers of young girls at school to deliberately fall pregnant, sometimes repeatedly, so that they can get free money from the state.


In the USA, 78 percent of new infections are among the MSM (men having sex with other men) category. This is what the CDC in reporting. Almost 700,000 people with aids have died since the disease was first recognized. about 53,000 new cases per year are diagnosed. However, this subject seldom comes up anymore. I had to do a little research to see that the spread of this disease continues at a steady rate 40 years later…This is the “penalty in their flesh that Paul referred to”. Unbridled sexual activity leads to disease. Nothing really new here.


This figure 1.5% doesn’t make a lot of sense. So how did the other 8.5% become infected?


I noticed that as well. The articles seem to quote the man in charge of overseeing this.

But wait, I noticed this too, let’s say the gay population for the sake of argument, is 2% of the population, I guess in saying “gay” we are only including males, so 10% of that 2% may not add up to that much.

Pokrovsky also revealed some alarming figures specific to certain populations. Nearly 10 percent of the country’s homosexual people and almost 20 percent of the country’s drug users are HIV-positive.

So, perhaps the case of drug users is of interest, too bad, I imagine a lot of heroin makes its way there via Afghanistan or the Golden Triangle in South East Asia.


One has to be alert when reading such articles. 10% of a 2% population of course doesn’t add up too much in numbers but it is very significant in terms of percentage.
One of the biggest scams is distributing condoms in places like Africa when it is known they are nearly useless in protecting against the very tiny HIV virus that can even pass through.


I suspect the remaining 8.5% represents overlapping categories. For example, heterosexual sex and injection drug use. These categories are created for infected persons who engaged in more then one risky behavior that could be responsible for their infection.


His eminence Cardinal Peter Turkson (former Archbishop of the Cape Coast in Ghana actually noted that because many of the condoms distributed in Africa are of exceptionally poor quality and therefore completely useless in the fight against AIDS.

People should not entrust their lives to a piece of plastic garbage made in China.


The effectiveness of condom use is 87% prevention. As with any contraceptive, its effectiveness in a particular case depends on proper and consistent use.


Sounds like Russian Roulette to me, 1 out of every 9 cylinder holes has a bullet.


It really is fascinating when reading into AIDs diseases. We often think of AIDs as one disease. That is how it is reported. AIDs is a condition though where the immune system has been compromised and weakened. it is where many diseases develop. In America I believe it is 31 disease that are officially recognized as AIDs related. Other countries have different AIDs recognized diseases. There are even different tests.

It is surprising also the number of people that do not believe HIV is the cause of Aids. Namely the nobel prize winner for discovering HIV, Luc Montagnier believes HIV to be a harmless passenger virus. In interviews he says different causes could be behind different peoples compromised immune system.

One of the better known AIDs denialists is Peter Duesberg. He was one of the first researchers to say AIDs has a different causes from the virus HIV. The research and medical community hates him for it. So far though he has not been proven wrong.

What ever side one comes down on, thought this a nice write up on Peter Duesberg and his ideas on what could be causing peoples immune system to be weakened.

“Defending AIDS denialists”


Maybe, but we know people are going to have sex regardless of what their pastors say. The only question is whether they play Russian Roulette with an 87% chance that there won’t be a bullet or play with a fully loaded gun and just hope they have terrible aim.


Indeed, Russia does have serious problems in this area which are of growing concern, many of the concerns it has and the attitudes that underly them and in some respects aggravate the situation are mirrored in the Ukraine which has similarly high rate of HIV cases.


Perhaps the situation in Ukraine is not better.
Actually in the eastern regions of Ukraine there was the highest statistics. (including Donetsk)
By the way, these unfortunate people during the war there appeared doomed.
Because many terminally ill patients had neither opportunity nor the means to find the necessary medicines.
In the same situation were diabetics, and other medication-dependent citizens and most likely a lot of them were dead, because of the doomed situation.
But looking at these datas in Russian, this statistics nevertheless raises questions about the dubious claim to moral and spiritual superiority of the nation.
I mean, that in the view of the Orthodox Army of Novorosia, Russia is the spiritual and moral light of the world.
And by the way the countries of so called ‘‘gay-europe’’, have a much lower statistics.
( Decadent and immoral Gayrope is the apocaliptic world from which the Orthodox Army rescues the so called- ‘’ Novorossia’’ )


Aid is not a ‘gay’ disesease, I rather thought we had moved past that kind of thinking old chbap.


Would one say it is not seen that way in Russia?

That is actually a rather subjective call while I would agree with saying such in principle, perception may vary. I am not sure the quoted author said it was a gay disease. I read that as addressing the oft-used saw about associating homosexuality and the West.

Admittedly, this is from 2011:

AIDS: Still a Gay Disease in America


Out of interest is it perceived as still been a gay disease in Ukraine?


Now add the statistics of abortions, alcoholism, drugs addiction, divorces, corruption and bribery, abandoned children and old people, torture and abuse in prisons and in the army, and it turns out that the civilizational superiority of the crusaders saving the Christian Orthodox Civilization is rather dubious


And this is relevant to the thread in what way?


AIDS is God’s punishment for immorality,and if other evils of society there is then a low state of spirituality. Religiosity and Messianism should also affect the internal life of the society, otherwise messianism and imposing its moral and spiritual superiority is false.

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