Russia attack: IS claims shooting in Dagestan



Russia has been bombing IS and other groups it considers terrorists, some of which are backed by Western powers.

Tragic, they both have a different method of terrorist identification. I don’t know much about Russias overall understanding of the radical ideology. How do they connect what is valid Islam and islamic terrorism?


praying for the injured and dead.


What struck me as different is that these guys shot and ran rather than dying as martyrs at the scene. To me that would be more destabilizing to have terrorists at large. They still have a death wish if they want to operate against Putin. He is not going to care much if they are captured alive or manage to survive interrogation when captured.


Al-Qaeda is into martyrdom. ISIS really isn’t if they can regroup and fight on.


Martyrdom seems to be losing it’s ‘value’, in either group, as their numbers rapidly dwindle. They no doubt have caught on, they had to change their MO.

May the person killed RIP.


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