Russia checks more McDonald's after closing 3


Alright, it’s one thing that you may not like McDonald’s burgers and fries but to close them because your mad at the US. Come on Russia give us better reasons for closing the 3. You just didn’t like their fries!:smiley:


Link to the story? :slight_smile:


  		MOSCOW -- 			Russia's food safety  agency said Thursday that it was checking McDonald's restaurants around  the country, a day after several branches of the chain were shuttered in  Moscow.

The pressure on the American chain, which has 435 restaurants in Russia, comes at a time of heightened tensions over the fighting in eastern Ukraine.


Hey, the Russians don’t mess around. Whether you agree with them or not, at least they aren’t blocked by insane fears of political correctness. They don’t give a hang nail for political correctness - unlike our masters in the West.



I could care less what Russia does about it’s McDonald’s chains. Good for them, for all I care. All I want is for that county’s military to stay out of every other country’s borders. Russia has had nothing but harsh tyrants for leaders for centuries, and the less we bother ourselves with them the better.

As far as I am concerned all business with Russia should stop; all of it. If the people of Russia want to live in a free society they are the ones that are going to have to strip Putin and men like him of power. The rest of the world needs to stop fussing over them.


There still is trans fat in the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. :eek: :heart:



Of course, after ordering the closure of Moscow’s Micky D’s, Vladimir Putin probably had his picture taken with a pack of lions while holding a bazooka.:slight_smile:


Yeah maybe America should do the same and lose her German, South Korean, British, Spanish, and other foreign bases. Bring all the troops home to their families.


At least they have a real leader. :slight_smile:


Sorry guys/gals the Justin Beaver stories just seem to confuse me!:stuck_out_tongue:
this one is probably a better link. Thanx guys for the other links


I don’t disagree at all.:slight_smile: Putin seems like the only really competent leader in the entire world, actually.


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