Russia Compiles Psychological Dossier on Trump for Putin

From the article…
“It is normal for any president or leader to be fully briefed before entering negotiations for the first time with a rival leader, but preparing a detailed dossier on the mind and instincts of a U.S. leader is unusual”

there is nothing new about this. They have always done this and we do the same thing to them. Peace.

It is normal.

If I am Putin I would do that for any American President but more so for the Russians, their KGB would have all the dossiers for all major Western leaders and officials they considered important who they would have to deal with.


Never underestimate the Russians; they would know everything about the people that they need to know.

even their astrological sign!

imagine what they had on Obama. They might know more about Obama than the American people do.


They (and undoubtedly we) also build health profiles on leaders of other countries. Nowadays they probably also collect DNA to see if a leader has any kind of genetic disease or propensity to develop one. Who gets the glasses after the toasts? :slight_smile: I have this mental picture of Russian agents diving into trash cans if Trump throws a used Kleenex away.

The spy craft that goes on is probably even more bizarre. Yet, this specific President likes to impulsively text and speaks off the cuff far too much for our collective good.

This type of thing has been around for ever. As a historical point of interest, this type of thing was quite prominent during the October missile crisis. Khrushchev and Kennedy both took in consideration each other’s psychological profiles and pressures they might be experiencing to guess how each one might react during the crisis.

The stakes were especially high then, and could quickly be that way now. This is a routine part of intelligence gathering. A profile like this can give you a clue to your opponents motives, and potential reactions.

This is not any sort of “smoking gun” on Putins part.

The article states that it is common to brief a Russian leader before he meets other heads of state. Looks like what they’re saying here is in the case of Trump they are going into far more detail concerning his mannerism and such.

Dealing with Trump is Uncharted Territory for anyone. I’m not sure who he can be compared to.

I’m sure many of us in the USA are familiar with person(s) with similar personality traits. I know a few guys from Jersey he reminds me of.

Any KGB agent likes to be well informed with a dossier on his adversary, especially Putin.

I’ve seen similar as well but never in a presidential candidate or president.

I thought he would calm down after the election and he seemed like he was going to as he gave his victory speech on the night of the election.

Anyhow the article mentioned that Trump seems to be running the country as a business. And that’s actually why I voted for him. I thought since one of our major issues is the deficit that perhaps we needed a businessman at the helm. I just didn’t expect all of the chaos.

If we look where most of the political dialogue stems from; he is not going to be a popular president in the media, as a whole. He needs to develop a thicker skin.

One thing I will say, as has been speculated - he does seem to be quite open to his advisors. Listen closely to what VP Mike Pence said in Europe and Sec of Def in Asia and Iraq, they clearly stated a policy that does not seem consistent with Trump one-liners. Which indicates actual policy will be different than attention grabbing talk.

The wall, well that’s going to be his battle. The Tea Party Republicans will fight him tooth and nail come time to renew the budget. The Democrats will surely encourage the Tea Party then.


As far as the wall there was a very successful Border Patrol Operation called Phalanx. Obama shut it down soon after the election.

I have tried and tried to find the article but I can’t. A border patrol agent stated how puzzled he was that the operation was stopped because of its overwhelming success. Paraphrasing from memory he said that with that aerial operation in place a wall was not needed.

I can’t find any recent news but here’s a link to the border control operation in question.

Edit : I replaced the original link

Analysis of one’s opponent is not very remarkable by itself - even chess players can do it before an important match.

But what could be the plan behind telling about it to the journalists…?

And, perhaps, it would be a good idea to add a direct link to the article -, and a link to a Russian page about Andrey Federov (Андрей Владимирович Федоров), who seems to be given as the main source -



Not sure why they are talking about it to journalists.

FSB, the KGB has ceased to exist years ago. The FSB inherited some of their roles and personnel but they are not the same organisation and have different duties and a number of organisations that were independent in the era of the KGB are now part of the FSB, such as the Border Guard.

The journalists scramble to report this and fit it into their conspiracy theories about Putin hacking the election to give it to Trump. People with common sense like the posters point out that this is just a common sense action no matter who the leader is. The mainstream media loses more credibility. They become powerless to stop an improvement in relations between Russia and America.

Putin and the God Emperor then seal their alliance and we combine with the Russians to crush globalism and Islamic terror. Okay, that last bit is probably wishful thinking.

What’s a God Emperor?

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