Russia delivers supersonic cruise missiles to Syria

        Maybe it's not inevitable that Syria goes the way of Libya.

I doubt these missals will be much use against protesters. I suspect this is all about the money for Russia.

Hopefully they’ll serve as a deterrent to any country that attempts to intervene in Syria.

Like who, for instance?

Nobody is going to invade Syria from the sea. Likely, though, Assad is not unmindful of the Libyan intervention. He might be a bit paranoid about that, but it serves Russia’s purposes pretty well to do this. No matter what happens in Syria, Russia will look like the defender of Islamic states against the western bogeyman, and get paid for doing it. Clever.

I think it will make Russia look like the defender of Syria’s Christian minority, who overwhelmingly support President Assad. NATO look more like the protectors of Islamic states these days.

Dude, I think that was a Freudian slip. :slight_smile:

Well Medvedev is a seriously religious guy. Putin probably not so much.

Not Freudian, unless I misunderstand what a Freudian slip is, but maybe seeing the word “missal” a lot caused the typo not to stand out to me. :o

Or Islamic takeovers, perhaps. Russia probably will look like the defender of the Christians, by the Christians, of Arabs generally by Arabs generally, and of Assad by Assad if he wins. Russia can’t possibly lose.

And after all how dare the Russian Federation sell weapons to regimes America or Israel do not particularly love, the words ‘double standard’ never even ventured beyond the merest possibility of daring to tiptoe across my mind for a picosecond there.

Iraq is not going to participate in sanctions against Syria

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